How to went from day 0 to 90 in one time

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by khalib, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Hello NoFap community,

    I found this community also leading to my health problems. Like ED even lower form of PIED. I started thinking that I don't want to eat pills latter on or get in a position where I'm with a girl and my "D" not working, you can imagine how this can be embarrassing and shameful.
    2018-01-21 was the last time that I fapped. After that I said to myself, I need to reach 90 days. As I said earlier in my age 22 ED it's kind a not normal :). So I started on Day 0. I want to mention that before that I reduced my fap count in a month drastically, not even with nofap community.

    One of the things to mentioned I was in PMO + semen retention. Because I read our semen is worth more than you think and that's also helped me in my 90 day journey.
    Start reaching small goals. 7days challenge, 14, 21, 30, 60 and then 90. Believe it to accomplish small goals is better than trying one big goal. Our success is made from a lot small goals... :D

    Yes, first 14 or maybe 21 days was hard. Your testosterone is High as Bob Marley, you want to ejaculate on every pretty girl ass, you have to control your urge to ejaculate. To control that you need to start meditating, go to the gym or be active, AND don't trigger your mind with IG or FB sexy girls. It's crucial to reach 90 days. After you implement this you won. You have what to do on your days (active), trying to keep your mind free from triggers (meditation, keeping away from IG girls). Also, it's better start to implement healthier diet start reaching other goals.

    That's it. It's the things that made me complete 90 days. If I'm feeling better? Yes, now my normal imagination is back, then I talk or see some nice girl, I feel that my body functions normally :). And get compliments from girls that I have "something" in my eyes.

    P.S Book MUST read: a) From sex to superconsciousness by OSHO. b) The secret of eternal youth by Asaram-Bapu (about semen retention).
    P.S Make an excel sheet and mark every day with color. I'm doing this also to my other goals.

    GO FULLY OR LEAVE IT AND HARM YOURSELF MORE. Your life, your choice.
    GL fappers,

    Peace Out.:emoji_sunglasses:
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    GL fappers haha :D

    Well done keep going bud, I'm getting there slowly but steady aswell!
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    Very inspiring, I like the part I have "something" in my eyes
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    Asaram bappu he is in the jail for raping a minor girl
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    Damn wtf.
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    Hello bro,I'm very motivated by your story,please I would really appreciate if you can share those books to me via email if you still have them.Thanks alot.


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