How to write a STELLAR online dating profile

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    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sharing the wealth.


    1) READ

    This article
    or the literally thousands of other online articles like it.


    For the article listed above, you will probably have 5 good qualities, 3 maybes, and 2 glaring weaknesses.

    3) WRITE

    1 sentence short introduction.

    Each good quality should be its own paragraph, 2-3 sentences long. Say discretely or explicitly what the quality is and how you fulfill it. Include a detail such as a proper name or statistic, but don't go into too much detail cuz they might get lost.

    For the maybes, you'll have to be a good writer and finesse things. This means making promises. While your previous paragraphs are almost bragging, these need to show that you're not perfect. That you're halfway there and willing to improve. Give an opening (yes explicitly) for the other person to complement or teach you.

    Don't mention your glaring weaknesses, they'll come out eventually.

    The last paragraph should transition into and directly address your audience, your potential match. Then it's your turn to say what you want. You probably already have a good idea in mind. But write it in this way:
    A numbered list of 5 or 6 things. Each point is 5-6 words at most, not very long at all. This should be obvious, but you should always phrase in a positive way as in "Responsible, dependable, punctual" not as "I don't want a girl who is lazy and will show up late to our dates"

    Like the intro, finish with a short thank-you and closing.


    • Not 100% fulfillment is necessary, only to his or her satisfaction. In fact, fulfilling those qualities is both absolute (what everyone or society thinks of you) and relative (what she thinks of you compared to her past experience)
    • Humor and smiley faces are good. You should use them, but not over use them. Let's say 15-25% max of humor as a rule of thumb.
    • Write from the point of view of a good friend who knows you well
    • Get a good friend from the opposite sex (or same-sex if you are gay) to review your profile.
    • Be careful of making it "tl;dr". Mine was 322 words, so I reckon 300-350 words.
    • If you are a woman, don't say "I don't want any players, games, or hookups. You can leave right now if that's what you want." This shows a profound disrespect and misunderstanding of who men are. Instead, say "I'm wise, mature, and ready to enter into a stable, fulfilling, albeit boring relationship :)" Boring is more effective than vindictive.
    • Guys should mention family at some point, even if you fucking hate your brothers/sisters/parents. SO MANY women put "family oriented" on their list of wants. It's a sign of your future as a husband/father.


    That's all for now. Helpful? I'll edit this post if you have suggestions to add.

    Philosophically, this is much more of a "magnet" style (I got what you want) than a confident arrogant style (I'm the fucking bomb). For men, this means leaning to a long-term relationship, and women it means satisfying men's primal needs for food, sex, etc.

    I'd like to work at a dating site and figure out what actually works -- and back that up with real data.
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