How was nofap created?

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    I have a few questions:

    1) how was nofap created?
    2) why 90 days for a reboot?
    3) how did the originators know they were onto something when they abstained?
    4) what did they do to get them through the reboot process?
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    Check out Useful Links: About Team NoFap (below).
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  3. In June 2011 there was a journal article posted to the frontpage of a subreddit called Today I Learned. The article talked about how after 7 days of not ejaculating, a clear peak of serum testosterone appeared in men, reaching 145.7% of the baseline.

    This sparked an inside joke throughout the website's comment sections. There was a lot of buzz about the "7 day challenge" and other variants, basically joking about not masturbating for a period of time. A few people, including myself, were involved in discussion in another subreddit, GetMotivated, where we were talking about how there might actually be something behind not masturbating for a period of time. We figured that it might be a great way to boost your self discipline, energy, motivation, focus, etc.

    I created NoFap as a place to put this hypothesis to the test. I wasn't sure if anybody would join, but quickly a few of the people discussing this did. From there I hosted our first event, June 2011 and a week-long challenge, and it took off from there. The growth was exponential and surprising. I am continually surprised by how quickly it is growing, but on the other hand it makes me worry about how many people are out there who have no idea why they are experiencing these symptoms. PMO is commonly accepted as a "healthy" practice by mainstream media and mainstream society, so people just don't even think to blame porn on their porn-induced sexual dysfunctions.

    90 days came from our anecdotal experiences - not science. Just anecdotally it seems to work out for many people, although some need less and many need more. People just like having a rebooting number to shoot for. Many of us started experiencing tangible benefits to not polishing the flesh bullet in conjunction with abstaining from porn, and many people started flooding in from other porn-recovery sites like YBOP, Reuniting, etc. It kind of imploded into the hybrid choose-your-reboot solution that we have today.

    I knew I was onto something the first week after founding NoFap. I felt things I have never felt before. I felt better than ever. But again, I never expected it to resonate with so many people. I had no idea how big of an issue porn addiction is for the world.

    Regarding how we got through our reboots, information definitely helped. YBOP was in its earlier days but still had a lot of good information there to explain some of the effects we were experiencing. Other sites helped too. But most of all, documenting our stories. We were exploring uncharted territory (and still are), and having a community made that all possible. If you are venturing off into a dark cave, it feels comforting to bring friends with you. So we were in it together, and that is how the first rebooters made it through. The thing is, this isn't a "NoFap-created problem." People were complaining about porn addiction and even "rebooting" (although they didn't have a word for it yet) on many internet boards before NoFap and other porn-recovery sites ever existed. Just these new sites gave people a place to congregate and help each other. For NoFap, no matter how far it goes, the community is at the root of all of it. If it wasn't for the community, I'd just be one guy abstaining from PMO, and honestly I doubt I would have ever been able to successfully reboot anyway without all of you guys.
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    Thank you for the response! This had and will undoubtedly change a lot of peoples lives for the better

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    Things are not set in stone IMO as we're still uncovering new patterns and behaviours however some things are concrete ie abstinence

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