How we reached here and what we can do now.

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    The biggest problem of any addiction is that we wont recognize our self as an addict until the core symptoms develop. The same with porn use. Most of us thought in the past like 'Oh yeah, Its just a thing everyone do behind their doors', 'its not a big deal', ' what happens if I watch this, its giving me pleasure.

    Sometimes many wise persons may have told u get rid of this addiction but we were not much aware until the problems start developing within ourselves.Some of us had PIED,many porn induced fetishes,unrealistic fantasies and anxieties.

    When we were not sure where to get help, when we were searching for hope at last we found a place where we truly belongs to. Where people like us struggling for the same problems as ours. We reached here somehow. And I still believe that Reaching here was the best thing that happened to me till now.It changed our core- what we are and how we want to be. There is nothing more great than surrounding ourselves with people who supports and brings you up when you are down.

    I've gone 418 days without a relapse because I learnt so much from the people here. I believe that Life doesn't change unless you have a reason to make some change and you work for it.

    I MOed 33 days before without porn. There were no guilt or shame about that. I learnt that I can do more than I have Imagined and thats what gives me strength now.

    Friends, there should be a reason for you to change. It helps you to focus more and avoid relapses. Don't do something for getting back its positives instead do things, the positives will come to you automatically.

    PM me if you wanna talk about anything particular.


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