How would your life be like today if you never started this addiction?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. I think about this a lot lately. I look back at the opportunities that I had some years back and how I would've handled them if I hadn't been living in PMO fog. Would I be somewhere else? Married? Kids? Different job? Maybe I'd be in the same situation I'm in now. I guess I'll never know. How do you think your lives would be different if at all??
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  2. Iamkli

    Iamkli Fapstronaut

    I think I would still be married, and I'd have children. I'd have a better job. I would be happier, and I would be a better person in general.
  3. I think my life would be completely different. But I try not to dwell on it—I own the good and bad.
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  4. GoldSpirit

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    Well, I may have gotten addicted to something else. NoFap helped me learn about our brain's circuitry and how we abuse it's reward mechanisms sometimes. I extended its conclusions to other aspects of my life and began to work in mutiple areas. So, while I believe that not starting this addiction is of course better that starting it; I think it's really hard to predict if I would have stayed away from other types of self-destructing behaviours in exchange.

    If you fall into a hole and must crawl your way out, no matter how deep it is, you will be a stronger man than those who never fell, once you reach the surface. This struggle isn't just about fixing what is broken. It's about going beyond, about seizing control of the self. At least that is how I view it, hope it helps!

    On a side note, I suggest staying away from the what if's, and from the past. Try to put it behind you and focus on the present, as cliché as it sounds. Power to you my friend!
  5. Zapster21

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    I have used a lot of time dwelling on the opportunities I had. But nothing good will ever come from it. The only I can say is "Whats in the past, must stay in past". You cannot go back and change it anyway.
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  6. I would be living the good life!!

    I had over £100,000 in savings that I completely blew on escorts, strip clubs, chat sites ETC...

    I was a crazy sex addict and I didn't even see it... It got to the point where I was taking flights to different countries just to see specific escorts.

    I also had/have extreme anxiety (likely due to PMO) and I quit my job, which was the highest paying job I will ever get.

    BUT... It is pointless dwelling on what we "could" have been...

    Yes I have a lost a lot... Yes it has devastated me... The stress has affected me physically (hair loss, body weight etc)...

    However, it is now about what we CAN be... There is still time to be great!!

    And I for one am going to make myself great... I want us all to rise together!

    Remember, God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

    I regret nothing, this is who I am and I am going to make the darn best of it!!
  7. gunslinger215

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    I went bald quite at a young age. Maybe if I hadn’t fapped so much I’d still have my hair..
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  8. gunslinger215

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    Weren’t you afraid of catching any STDs from escorts? Did you get regular blood tests?
  9. Stone_Richie

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    I would be a successful writer with an incredible job, wife and kids.
  10. I would've been at least 4 cm taller, excessive masturbation during puberty during night made me sleep deprived (bad for growth), potentially nutrition deprived (bad for growth), and made me experience a lot of penile pain... Used to do it rough on a mattress... I really wish I could go back in time.

    Also I lost a lot of my hair.

    But damage is not permanent thank God.
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  11. Mybrownblanket

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    Maybe... have a good life, good relationships with friends and family. I don't know? Looking in the past is not easy and peaceful.
  12. Karan ghuman

    Karan ghuman Fapstronaut

    Never see your past as a mistake take it as a experience to enhance your future. See if u never have done this shi* before maybe you tried to do this with many girls and u may end up with HIV. What then?
    U have a chance to improve until your last breath bro.
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  13. I had the "dying anyway" mentality.. And no I didn't... but what's done is done :(
  14. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Oh man I’m really sorry *hugs*
    Don’t dwell on the past though. Make a better future. Wish you success on your journey! You’re not alone
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  15. Karan ghuman

    Karan ghuman Fapstronaut

    Life is all about doing not thinking.. just do it man hust go for noPMO for a year
  16. Thanks @gunslinger215 and yes @Karan ghuman that's what I am going for. I feel in full control now... I am on day 5 :)
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  17. I think I would be better in studies, better than most and I wouldn't be mediocre.
  18. I’d be a different person. Much, much better.
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  19. LilD

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    It would be about the same.

    My addiction is just a result of deeper problems, so without that, I would just have something else. In fact, I do have something else: depression, anxiety, and other addictions.
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  20. Well my addiction to porn come with addiction to cannabis and Gaming which has most certainly stopped me from achieving what I could, i have ended up with some extreme fetishes that aren’t good for my mental health or self esteem. Porn really is the devil in my eyes.

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