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  1. How ppl got this idea that nofap makes u attractive with women
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  2. modern milarepa

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    I think you are always high on something, not drugs just life it seems that is why you have a pilot as your avatar.
    you are funny even do I do not like when you become sad. Be more mature my friend and more calm, you will be more happy and wise.
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  3. broo this important dude like why ppl have the idea why that nofap gives u pussy like it ruins the community reputation bcs this place is meant to help ppls problem with porn
  4. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    you need to gain self control my friend look at this post mentioning all those people. And the language you use refering to women. control your tongue or you will never control your penis
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  5. well shit let me edit this real quick
  6. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    You retain semen, you have more nutrients for other parts of the body. Likewise, you are not wasting your time by masturbating. Instead, you are using that time to improve yourself with the new found energy that you obtained from retaining your semen and not getting dopamine surges from porn or masturbation/orgasm. It's not just nofap that can help you find a mate, but also requires your own energy and attitude to obtain that goal. Some people use NoFap for different things. NoFap is real.
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  7. intresting
  8. modern milarepa

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    I like what a girl in this page wrote yesterday about the subject a healthy male for reproduction has a good semen storage so women feel naturaly drawn to him. if you have no semen or low quality sperm from jerking off you are not a suitable male for procreation, women sense it. Not that you are going to have a baby per se but everything about physical attraction it is based on evolution we like big breast because it means she is good for breast feeding and small waist means good for delivering a baby and young women because they are more fertile. We do not know this consciously but our primitive mind feels drawn to this. Also we like a woman more if she is ovulating.
  9. Trobone

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    If the semen retention thing was true men with vasectomies would be infinitely attractive to women due to them NEVER losing sperm to the wild.

    The part about using time to improve yourself and find hobbies and find internal happiness, that makes sense
  10. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    also there is more than just sperm in semen even do you do not expel sperm after a vasectomy you can have an orgasm and lose fluids through your penis and most importantly sexual energy outside your body not sperm do.

    this part can not be explain by science but there is energy you cultivate if you do not have an ejaculatory orgasm. Not semen only. women can sense this energy and they can absorb some of it if you have sex with them. But this is no scientific and one thing can not explain the other.
  11. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    Vasectomies get rid of sperm, not semen. This is known as Azoospermia. You still have the same amount of semen with nutrients as someone who doesn't have a vasectomy. People with vasectomies can still ejaculate and masturbate. It wouldn't make a difference.
  12. It's a myth rooted in some half-truths I guess. Nofap doesn't literally "give you pussy." In my view, NoFap is a way to improve your mental health by distancing yourself from an addictive behavior. By doing this one might notice some lasting benefits such as an increased level of success with dating/romance. This is why people say "NoFap gives you pussy" but of course that statement is incorrect and barbaric.
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  13. he once told me that I should do drugs
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  14. Skyroㅤ

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    Psuedoscience the redpill/men's rights community came up with (Debatable). It dosent make you attractive to women, it dosent give you superpowers, its a challenge to improve yourself. It improves your mental health basically. At least thats why I'm doing at just 14, i got addicted and so I do NoFap to break the addiction and improve myself.
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  15. modern milarepa

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    how dare he
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  16. ByTheRiver777

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    Drugs turn you into a sunken eyed goblin that makes you act on every impulse until you’re in an abyss

    That’s why I only drink moonshine and smoke 2 packs a day
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  17. smh_fam

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    There is a lot of bro science involving increased testosterone levels and recycling nutrients, but I don't think that this by itself would make you more attractive.

    I think it can manifest in reality assuming that you find more constructive habits to replace fapping. If you take that time and energy you've spent feeding your addiction and devote it to self-improvement (exercise, education, developing social skills, etc.) then yes, you will probably become more attractive to women.
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