Howdy, y'all.

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  1. I don't think I've ever properly introduced myself. I am Mossy Oakenshield, or Benjamin. I am a husband, and a father of three. I am currently a country boy wannabe.

    I have some goals I hope to achieve through NoFap. First, obviously, is to stop my reliance upon porn and masturbation. It is a terrible thing. It destroys families and relationships and I don't need it. I believe it is the reason that society seems to be going downhill as well. The second is to be a better family man. My wife has been left high and dry when she needs it, and my kids are seeing a very childish father. I want to change that. The third is to become more laid back and enjoy life. I said I was a country boy wannabe above. I really don't live the country life. I'm too high strung and worried. That will stop.

    So, howdy everyone. I've been fighting for a little bit, but now everything will change!
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    You sound like the coolest dad. But, that would be my dad so maybe tomorrow. ;)

    I love your persona, it's very energetic and sounds resilient and determined.
    I'm sure once you overcome this, you'll be the best dad a kid could ask for.

    edit: Here's the article on going easy mode, it looks like you'll find value in it:
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    Howdy partner!
    Welcome aboard- YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Your wife and kids need you to.

    Porn is your enemy! Very powerful and addicting- kill it with no mercy!!
    For it will show you no mercy and will gladly destroy your life if it gets the chance.

    Best of luck to you!
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  4. Thank you. I try to be a good dad. Sometimes it seems like I'm more grouchy then anything due to this condition.

    Thank you. I will take a look.
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