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Husband Calls Internet Company to Disable Covenant Eyes

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by onceaking, May 24, 2019.

  1. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

  2. AnxietyDude

    AnxietyDude Fapstronaut

    Read the article, wow that seems to be at unhealthy Level 12.
    This tug of war they have, now seems to be about power and choice.
    Not ending and addiction. The level of frustration to means they will never be back to normal even if he quits she at Ninja level of accountability for him. And peace even if it was in a PMO free home would be over the top. Just my two cents.
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  3. Reborn_

    Reborn_ Fapstronaut

    Hehe, that's interesting.
    A nosy wife and a secretive husband is not a good match.
    I must say, lots of women seem to think porn is something we choose to do and could "just stop doing"
  4. Wow. Who funded that study and article? How could they say the science community cannot confírm the possibility of porn addiction??? What crap.
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  5. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

    They can say that because the scientific community doesn't. There are some scientists who believe porn viewing can be an addiction and some who don't. As for funding, it works both ways. Who's to say the ones with the results that say porn is an addiction are funded by anti-porn groups and churches?

    And anyway the point of this thread isn't about the study, it's about how wives can't make their husbands quit porn if they don't want to.
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  6. ZenAF

    ZenAF Fapstronaut

    They were just arguing about schematics really. It was a categorization issue. So basically some office monkeys didn't have an appropriate drawer for the term sex-/porn addiction and so they debated whether it even exists. Silly.
  7. I agree with you, I am just shocked to see the un-debateable nature of porn addiction tossed up like "burger toppings at whataburger."

    Even though the premise ( we don't have science to determine whether this is an addiction or not) is complete garbage, I do agree with the writers' point; wives can no more control husband's addictive problem (or non-addiction problem if you subscribe to the journal's point of view) than a person can sweep the sand into the sea with a broom. It's the equivalent of trying to fly by ignoring the principals of aerodynamics.

    There's lots of people who believe they can control their partner's addiction. Lots of reasons to explain this, but i liken it to a panacea; in part because admitting helplessness in the face of a very powerful addiction and debilitating situation, or worse "I was deceived" is such a shameful reality to admit. Thus, this belief is very powerful because it gives the allusion of control and normalcy and allows the SO to escape the reality that their partner is or has become an addict.
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  8. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

    @need4realchg in season 1 of Science VS they did a good episode on porn addiction where they talked the scientist who say it's an addiction and those who said it isn't. I found it to be fair to both sides. Their conclusion was that it's possible to be addicted to porn but the addiction isn't on the same level as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The host of the podcast was of the view that porn addiction is on the same level as an addiction to coffee. If you're interested you can listen to it here, although they do play sounds of porn so it might trigger. Personally, I not completely trusting of the scientific industry after watching that episode Adam Ruins Everything on science but maybe they're right. I think people get addicted to all sorts of things so like shopping, sports, food, working, social media so maybe it doesn't matter how high it is.
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  9. Appreciate that. I'm not ready to listen to porn sounds myself :) I still dream about porn from time to time; so I'm okay there.

    BUT, I am pointing out, studies are not designed in vacuums, they are funded by institutes, churches, countries, companies, and there is oftentimes an agenda.

    Science is not agendaless; they just house most of the "evidence."

    millions of people divorcing and admitting they have an addiction versus hundreds of scientists holding up the "i don't know question mark?"

    Yeah. Sheer idiocy. And I appreciate the level-up of Porn addiction versus alcholism; i think we're just measuring the effective fail rates of body parts though: Alcoholic: "my liver versus your dick." or Smoker: "My lungs versus your brain"
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  10. AnxietyDude

    AnxietyDude Fapstronaut


    Having worked in a high position in a drug and alcohol facility. My professional opinion is that PMO addiction is real, more so then drug. Not less then as some studies suggest.

    PMO is one stand alone addiction that takes normal healthy act that we are supposed to do. And turns it in an obsession. Yet we are told being we are animals we are supposed to want to procreate with any healthy female or male depending on whom you are. Drug, Alcohol, Gambling why very serious are not motivated by carnal habits built probably into our DNA. We are not born wanting drugs, but we are born wanting to pass along our genes and mate. And adult material is designed to push that desire to do so, by presenting the extreme examples of the opposite sex and allowing the viewer to feel its natural not harmful.

    PMO addiction is far worse then any other addiction as it allows others to cross a line from what may be average PMO use to extreme. and maybe even illegal activities.

    Its a very confusing addiction, if we are married, and do not PMO, we are satisfied by our mate.
    However the rules all change where viewing strangers feels normal. A new fad over the last 10 years is many are just PM and not committing to a final normal act. But suppressing it. Giving our brain all sorts of odd feedback. Are we supposed to mate, are we not... what is normal. And that is where its starts, as it seems the easy and perceived normal replaces, intimacy and procreation.

    It has to be the hardest addiction telling your body and brain to stop what we worked to convince was real.

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