Hypersensitive brain and penis. Anybody else like this?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by GigglingTrout, Jun 15, 2022.

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    I'm actually quite frustrated with how easy it is for my brain and penis to react to any kind of stimulation these days.

    Since I started nofap, my penis can ejaculate without any physical contact. I've made a thread about this before, and years later, it still is a problem. It's also caused premature ejaculation during sex, and I can't last very long at all. Overall, my endurance during any sexual activity is much shorter than it ever has been.

    My brain the last six months has suddenly become more sensitive to any eroticism. I don't know why... Because I was taking Ashwaghanda for months, and maybe it's negatively affected me in some way? If my brain thinks it sees something naked and female in nature for even half a second, I'll suddenly get a flood of dopamine in my head, and it feels like I've completely relapsed. I don't even remember what I saw because I instantly turn my head or avert my eyes, but my brain still treats the situation like I had watched two hours worth of porn. I get sleepy and my head feels full, and then the next day I get that post-dopamine tension in the back of my head and neck. From like... a miniscule moment of *possible* nudity?
    It's bizarre to me, and super stressful
    Gosh, even a Renoir painting I accidentally saw in a Google search made me feel like I had watched a full Korean lesbian softcore movie or something

    I don't remember it being like this, when I did other streaks. Maybe I'm crazy, but it feels stronger, and I don't have any control over it.

    Don't get me started on wet dreams either. I've had more wet dreams in the past few months (and so many "close calls" as well), than I've had in my entire life. I've done streaks of 100+ days in the past, and maybe I'll have... like one wet dream. MAYBE. in that entire timeframe.
    But now, it's like a weekly occurrence that I have to consistently try to keep in check. So many times I've woken up in the middle of the night, because my dick feels like it's ready to just explode. And so I'll have to hop out of bed, go pee, and chill out for like 20 minutes or so, before I can safely try to fall asleep again. It's giving me some of the worst insomnia I've had in awhile, and it does not want to quit any time soon
    And all the freakin' dreams of girls is really not helping out. I'm getting bombarded by hot females in my head that want to grind, kiss, grope, etc... Which again, was not really an issue during prior nofap sessions.

    I hate this.

    I feel pretty miserable. I'm fully dedicated to killing this addiction once and for all, but the Devil is attacking me so intensely lately, and it's to the point where I'm just trying not to break down and cry. I pray almost every night, begging God to stop my brain from acting like this, and to give me relief.

    I need help and I don't know what to do
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  2. GigglingTrout

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    I really don't know if I said what I wanted to say in exactly the best way. My head feels so doped up lately, and I was worried enough that I felt I had to make a post about it.

    Like something isn't quite right about all of this. NoFap has never been an easy process, but man... The difficulty spiked a bit since January.
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    @GigglingTrout, is this necessarily a bad thing? Are you concerned about the increased libido and/or increased urges because they threaten your commitment to not fapping, or are they independently contrary to your goals? Based on your concerns about wet dreams and shorter sex bouts, it seems like it's the latter.

    I get the concern about endurance in bed, but this seems like a small price to pay for increased arousal (a reawakened natural sexuality!) and freedom from compulsive masturbation.
    I don't get the wet dreams problem - is this something you want to be able to knock out? Why?
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  5. Thisworld

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    It's time either to start having sex regularly or to reintroduce mo without porn in an healthy way, like once a week
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  6. @GigglingTrout What are your goals? Your counter says 173 days of meeting your goals.
    I've struggled with similar things. Often at work, or driving home from work, feeling like I'm about to cum in my pants. Wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm one sensation away from ejaculating, sometimes having to remove clothing and sheets away from my penis to avoid a disaster - especially as I live with my girlfriend! :eek:
    A wet dream would be hard to explain. And no, I can't just wake her up in the middle of the night to have sex. Even if I did, I'd probably ejaculate before getting inside her. :oops:

    One thing that has helped me is hardmode. Kind of counter-intuitive. But I've been doing a lot better since I got into the realm of 50+ days without an O (currently on day 69). Masturbation is what ruins things for me every time. It's better if I just don't do that, and don't O.

    Also, just curious. How much ashwaganda have you been taking? I take it daily - but never thought that it was causing my arousal and sensitivity problems.
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  7. George C

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    I feel you man, I had to develop a technique where I would 'windscreen wiper' the thoughts away from my head. Meditation helps a lot - it helps to put a micro-space between stimulation and response. In that space, you can make a better more rational decision about your response.

    Personally, I'm 3 years+ with no porn and no masterbation. I have sex with my wife, but I still don't trust myself to masterbate... I have a fear it will get out of control. So I understand those nights where you have to white knuckle it all the way through.

    Stay with it, it's gets better.
  8. GigglingTrout

    GigglingTrout Fapstronaut

    For the record, you guys are awesome. I really appreciate the supportive comments in this thread

    You’re correct. Moreso the latter. The goal is semen retention and to completely reduce these orgasmic dopamine bursts that I’ve had. I feel that if I don’t meet the goals, then mood imbalance, brain fog, and tension hit me a bit after I’ve released. And so, wet dreams (especially as frequent as they’ve been) aren’t really doing me any favors.

    I’ll make an exception for sex with a girl, but morally/spiritually, that’s something I’m trying talk myself out of too. Repercussions are there as well of course

    It really does help, koolpal. I’m going to definitely check into the premature ejaculation handbook

    However, I have to apologize. It’s not spontaneous ejaculation, thankfully. It’s when I was watching porn, and my genitalia can get excited enough to release, without any assistance from my hands. Just a bit too desensitized, I suppose? But as long as I’m not watching porn, then it shouldn’t matter.

    I want to keep up the semen retention if I can, but this thought has crossed my mind. Regular physical “treatment” seemed like a solution to help normalize the nerves, maybe?

    I’ll read koolpal’s manual and it might touch on this subject a bit.

    Haha. Yeah, the struggle is real, man. Wet dreams are such a pain.

    Out of curiosity, is your dick always erected or is it sometimes still kinda limp when you feel like you’re going release? I’ve had a mix of both, and I’ve even came a few times when I wasn’t hard. It was a weird experience

    For me, I am doing hardmode too. I don’t want anything to inhibit my progress. No PMO or little cheats of any kind. I even try not to check out girls IRL if I can (but often failing immensely)

    Ashwaghanda was great when I was on it last year. Chilled me out a bit, but still gave me a little extra oomph of mental energy. I took a break, because I decided that I didn’t want to dependent on it, I guess? I thought a PMO-free life could naturally be just as good

    But since I quit, that’s when the sensitivity started coincidentally. I really don’t know. It’s honestly the only thing I could thing of that could have some connection to my dopamine issues.

    Thank you, brother. I’ll do my best.

    The windscreen wiper technique is something I’d like to master as well. Train myself to not fantasize or recall pornographic scenes in my head...

    I'll get there someday
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  9. Legacy of Lost Soul

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    I have the same. I do no PMO since 2017, had multiple big streaks, 200 and 300, whatever. This year, is different. Im at 200 hard mode now, but I SUFFER SO MUCH.

    No smooth sailing, no flatline, no... just bigger and smaller waves of desire, hornyness, frustration of being celibate.. feelings of "I cant do it anymore"... I get triggered by females a lot, I feel my whole chest going in alert when I see a girl I like.

    These desires make me feel so weak, pathetic. Kind of feel like idiot as well, being single, huge streaks, and full of desire.. I hate it all.

    No wet dreams, but I think I might either relapse, get a hooker, jump on 1st woman I can get or smthng... all comming from a weak place of needyness.. its just all bad this time :(

    Also, if I relapsed or did anything mentioned above, the pain of failure would possibly kill me. I feel trapped.

    If I had sex, I have no illusion of lasting more than 3 strokes.
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  10. Master Builder

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    Grind it out. You are releasing al the pent up sexual energy and desires burried deep within your subconscious. You are healing!
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  11. GigglingTrout

    GigglingTrout Fapstronaut

    You're not weak or pathetic.
    Personally, some of the posts I've seen from you have been pretty confident and motivational.
    You're an awesome dude, and I know that you got this. Keep it up, my friend.

    I am healing! You're absolutely right.
    But it begs the question... Why didn't the "healing" process feel like this before? During any of those 150, 120, 100 day streaks I had

    And I'm also curious about how long it will last. It's already been six months, and I'm wondering when my brain will just settle down
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  12. Master Builder

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    Hey, just my personal opinion and not talking from experience, but from knowledge read from books, posts and personal analysis;

    I believe there to be two reboots:
    1. The reboot to a regular active sex life with a real partner
    2. Lifelong celibacy/ brahmacharya

    The first is the easiest and after 3-6-12 months you should be good to go to form a healthy relationship with another person, naturally rewiring the brain pathways towards an active sex life not especially focussed on spiritual purification.

    The second is much harder, and according to brahmacharya literature, takes about 12 years for total purification to take place. These twelve years is the time needed also in for example esoteric circles to completely transform yourself and set yourself free from lust and all the subconscious currents that are associated with it. It is the process of "kundalini awakening", "enlightenment", ... whatever you may call it and goes much deeper than simply learning to form a healthy relationship with another human being. It is a literal purgatory of all of your karma.

    So.... choose your battle wisely.
  13. Legacy of Lost Soul

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    I always choose the hardest battles..
    Sometimes they choose me...

    I like your posts Giggling & Master
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