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    Hi all,

    so to give you a quick back story, I’m 19, have a porn addiction and have PIED. I’ve had very little interactions with girls (still a virgin) and am currently a college student.

    when doing NoFap hard mode reboots before I’ve really struggled to get past a couple of weeks but during those couple of weeks or even a few day’s which I’ve not PMO’d I’ve felt on top of the world. And that’s great, but...

    I’m very fresh into a new streak of my new NoFap hard mode streak and I’ve been chatting to a girl from my college for a while. (I’ve made another post somewhere asking if chatting to her and stuff is okay during a reboot). Me and the girl have very very recently told each other our feelings for each other and stuff and all is going well, we probably wouldn’t have sex or anything for a while due to my reboot/PIED and She’s not ready which I’m really supportive about. But what I have noticed is that since getting that extra bit closer to her by chatting to her more and stuff, I’ve became a lot more sluggish and tired, more lazy than a normal reboot before. When rebooting before, I had loads of energy etc. But now its totally different.

    I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve never had a gf before and it’s a new experience, the adrenaline from all of the new and exciting things going on or something else?


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