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    I had a break up a few weeks ago...
    I think I lost my girlfriend due to M addiction!! We were in a long distance relationship, although away physically, we were very close to each other emotionally.... We talked everyday and shared every detail of our lives with each other, one who cud be called a ‘Confidante’. Since a few months I have been addicted to M. and now I realise how my interest in her was fading away, daily chats soon became a practice of leaving a few texts which would be checked in 2-3 days!! And I was a FOOOL to NOT NOTICE IT AND TAKE ACTION!! I’m soooo fuckin useless, fortunate to have a gf and yet an inglorious, unrighteous bastard to loose her!! And all of a sudden one day she says, its not working!! That’s the moment my alarm rings!! And before I can convince her its OVER.. Since a month now I have realised how M is affecting my life ADVERSELY!!
    I want her back. But idk how!! I just feel like telling her how I was flowing away from her in this vicious current of M and that I’m changing now, I’d treat her as a QUEEN.
    Although we wud talk intimately, I feel fuckin asahmed to talk to her about My Addiction Of M, and I think she would find it Vulgar, and TOTALLY ABUSIVE!!
    I now have no BEST friend in my life as close as her.
    I LOST A DIAMOND FOR A ROCK THAT LOOKED LIKE GOLD(fool’s gold: FeS2, Iron Pyrites) im in tears.

    I want my darling back, I can’t get over her, I can’t think of myself with any1 else.
    I can’t meet her due to lockdown, I just Feel like telling my dad about this and asking him to take me to her house and just get her back....but i dont wanna bother him with another thing in life!!!! Our parents do soo much for us, and yet we fail them by wasting time looking at some silly B**** and spilling the seeds of life!!
    Fuck M, Fuck P, Fuck this Industry!!!! Go to hell you hole- less arses!!
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    That's a lesson my friend. Take it. Keep it in your mind and...start nofap to reach your goal. And when you will have urges, you can read this post. Lesson my friend, that's only a lesson of our life.
  3. Don't waste this crisis! Go ahead! Do not look back. Don't contact her again! You have to get the PMO under control first or you are going to fuck up all relationships in future - if you even have any. I don't want to be rude, but you had better listen to voices of experience. Forget all that romantic shit - work on yourself.
    She may not know you're addicted to porn - but girls must sense something about guys like us, right?
    I would fucking kill to be in your shoes right now. Seize this chance and make the best of it. Fuck porn. Fuck pmo. Forget her. Get on with your life!
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    long distance relationship can be very different when/if it finally gets in real life

    Also recommend you to check this channel on men-women relationship
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    Yes, PMO or excesive MO is a bad habit and it will be beneficial for you to quit with it. that said..
    If you tell me you only were with her for sex than maybe excessive MO will make your interest in her fades. But as you told us, you were a lot more closer spiritually than physically with her so i can rule that out. the reality, in my opinion, is that your interest in her just faded.
    she noticed that you weren't treated her the way she wanted to so she dumped you. You have to notice that she didn't try to work things down, she just dump you when her needs weren't met.
    Rejection breeds obsession. You didn't care about her at all. At the end you were used to take 3 days to reply to her, your interest in her were none existent. But sunddenly she dump you and now you are desperate to have her again in you life. Think about it.. do you really want her back or you are just reacting to the fact that now you are alone and afraid that you are not going to find another woman?
    This is how i know you NEED her, but you don't want her. You feel that need that kind of relationship in your life, but she wasn't the one so you neglected her. Now she dumped you and you lack that kind of relationship in your life so you are running after her to have that relationship back, despite the fact that she is not the one you want.
    But before the break up you don't give a f*k about her. This is your fear talking. Remember how you felt about her before she broke up with you.
    Never go after a woman that dumped you. She is the one that ended the relationship, she is the one that need to work to have another chance to be your girlfriend, not the other way around.
    Work on yourself to became a better man for the next woman in your life. If she contact you in the future then you can try and be toghether again. If she doesn't contact you agian.. guess what? she is not interested in you a no matter how much you beg her to go back toghether is going to make her like you more, that is needy behavior and woman don't like that at all.
    Good advice. There are a lot good stuff out there about how a man should behave in a relationship and in life.
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    Means a lot man! That’s some practical stuff ya said. I am just gonna move on now.. I understand its not the end..it’s just the beginning in life.. AND I am not going to M!
    Thank u bro
  7. You're actually very high IQ man. I can see that you realize your mistakes and you know what actions you need to take to end all this bullshit you have caused yourself. Get animated, my friend, and join me in ending all this stupid shit once and for all. The girl shit is just a part of this. Your whole life is on the line. Make the right choice.
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  8. I am going to be the bad guy in here. Im going to explain it RAW, buddy:

    There is no "long distance relationship", that is total bullshit.
    You are idealizing this woman because she is far away from you. If she were at your side you will realize soon or later that she is just: human.
    The relationship is over, because of you. You take her for granted. Is over.

    You want to really growup?

    I am going to tell you, the best thing to do:
    Tell her the truth. Straightforward. Text her or call her to say the truth, get it out of your chest, said that you were heavy into M and that you are a filthy pig as you feel that youself. Give the relationship a real closure and start the healing process as a real man.

    Grow a pair
    Youre welcome
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  9. thinking_differently

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    Thank u! That is a real encouragement!

    Yeah, lets end this shit.
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  10. Update? What's happening? Have you moved on?
  11. thinking_differently

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    Thanks for asking man.
    Yes I have moved on. Completely.
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  12. thinking_differently

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    Emotionally, I have.
    But I dreamt of her today.
    I’m not associating this to anything, Because I know Dreams are largely A recollection of our experiences, triggered by small unnoticed events of the day
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    i am happy for u my friend, great news!
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  14. By taking control of this you are doing yourself huge a great service. Very glad to hear this!
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    Our brains have a funny way of doing things. I remember slightly, some moment of being exposed to memories of my ex yesterday. And Viola! I had a dream today. Again.
    You see in the waking hours I’m strong and I don’t give a fuck. But it’s not the case in dreams.. Interactions in dreams melt you off and the inertia stays till morning.
    And ohh STUPID me! Why do I have to remember all my dreams so vividly.
    So again I feel a little uncomfortable but I hope another proper sleep heels it.

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