I’m honestly pretty worried.

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Pathofsuccess_1, Jan 23, 2022.

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    About a month ago, a few days before Christmas, I edged. For hours.

    it was terrible. But it happened and i got blue balls. It was bad pain.

    I then stopped edging and finished in the morning when the pain stopped.

    no pain was present anymore. But a few days later into my new streak, I felt a pain again (not from edging)

    it wasn’t bad, but it was a dull ache in my left testicle that continued for about a week.

    After that week it stopped. But now I am concerned because…

    it could be in my head, but I notice how my facial hair is taking longer to grow now.

    like before I would shave once and it would grow back long in like 3 weeks.

    It’s been about a month since I’ve last shaved and it hasn’t grown back fully yet like I feel like it usually does.

    I don’t know if I have some sort of testicular damage from the edging, how would I know if this is the actual case? what do you guys think?

    I plan on going on a long streak. I hope this can fix it.
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    If you can, consult a doctor. Better safe than sorry.
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