I’m in a really bad spot rn

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Nimbo, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Nimbo

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    I am currently on a 22 days streak, but I’ve recently been viewing erotic videos over the web. Today I almost relapsed because of me stupidity watching them even though I know it’s bad. I think I’ve seen too much already though, I’m having a chaser affect and can’t stop it.

    Can someone please give me a tip to break this chaser affect and fast. I’m afraid there might be a relapse around the corner. I need to prevent it, before it happens.

    All advice is helpful, thank you so much.
  2. Sam_ba

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    Congrats for 22 days
    First try to remember how you will feel after you will have fapped. You think you won't want more P. Probably wrong. You will want to binge even more so having an O will not make an end to the contrary you will digg deeper the burrial of your reboot.

    The strategy you find now will serve you for long time so it's good time to stop and think of something big.
    Find a solution whatever it takes. Go outside take 10 cold showers turn off electricity but don't give in. Urges always pass' just take them one at a time.
    If an urge rises have a plan ( come here and write your journal until the urge passes or help other fapstronauts)
    Even if you have to pass the whole day in the forum'
    I find that the no touching contest helps a lot in this days
    Many of us have been through this. Crying shouting but don't give in

    Together we can do this
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  3. BreakingBenjamin

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    Try to think rationally, these pictures and videos have no relation to you. these are pixels of people that dont know you. Occupy yourself with some useful activities at all cost. Cold showers are great in general.
  4. shamrock19

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    Get your priorities straight, understand why you want to leave this parasital habit behind... Once you realise how amazing life can be without this shit, and how bad it can be and is to live with it. Picture the life you want to live, the man you want to be. This shit is horrendous, find out for yourself, cement it into your brain, weed out your rationales on how it would be OK to watch one little video because that shit isn't you, it's the addiction. Get your priorities straight and lifting the laptop screen, watching this shit will not be an option for you.

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