I’m not trans but I’m addicted to the idea of being a sissy.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by lebinance, May 14, 2021.

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    So I’ve been in Nofap for under a year but I only started taking it seriously a couple of months ago. I used to watch porn every day from being 13 years old and I’m now 17.

    The first time I masturbated I was really young like around 7-8 years old and I did it accidentally but I didn’t know what I did. I only really figured it out when I was about 12 and from that point I was doing it a lot more.

    I started off just thinking about hot girls and looking at hot girls on instagram I also enjoyed roleplay and like rape roleplay but it wasn’t really a chain reaction because I liked the idea of being treated like a girl before all that. whenever I was horny I found that I liked the idea of being a girl myself or being trans.

    Whenever I’m not horny I feel disgusted by the thought and i know how wrong it is but when I feel horny I sometimes get this urge. It’s not all the time and I’m not attracted to men in any way I don’t find them hot but just the idea of being treated like a girl makes me feel good. I still find women attractive and I can still get off to vanilla stuff really easily but for some reason I have this other side of me that’s just degenerate.

    I’ve always sort of had these thoughts since I started to feel horny but I never actually have wanted to be a girl or make any changes to my body and I’m completely happy with myself (minus the porn addiction).

    I got on a month streak but I’d frequently get those urges. I don’t know what I can do to stop them and I need to stop I know.

    Can someone please give me some tips on how to get rid of these disgusting feelings. Thankyou all
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    My Journal
    First of all, you need to understand that PMO changes your mind, that's why you feel normal when you're not horny and nasty feelings when you're.
    Try to keep yourself away from it. Every time those thoughts come send them away. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But practice makes perfect.
    Understand also that this is an addiction, like drugs. It's not easy to get rid off, but don't give up either. Little by little things will get a little better if you put some effort.

    Find motivation why you want to do this. Why you don't want to feel urges like that. It really helps. It helped me
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    Yes this is absolutely true and I can relate. I had the same obsession as you and it used to make my mind feel completely crazy, leading to lots of suffering and confusion. I can tell you for a fact that stopping watching porn has taken me away from that place and helped me a better person. The sooner you stop the sooner you will overcome this, you may occasionally get those urges but over time they will go away. I only get them once or twice a month now. Good luck mate, you got this!
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    Lot's of people are in this boat with you. You aren't alone
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  5. so it came naturally ? you didn't have the idea put into your head.

    the ulgy truth and people will probably attack me because apparently you cant say anything bad about nofap or they will burn you at the stake but anyways: nofap can be dangerous because it improves your sexdrive, your thoughts just amply, one wrong trigger and suddenly your worse than you ever been, it has lead me to escalation

    psychotherapy probably help, its a mind problem
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    In my experience with this, the two lifestyles aren't really compatible, so you'll end up basically having to choose to be a masculine dude or a sissy. If you want the thought to go away, that's probably going to be a tough sell, but if you can get yourself into a place mentally where you truly do want them to go away, at minimum you can try to not think about it - when a thought pops into your head about it, literally think something aggressive toward it, like 'fuck you that's not who I am' and then go do something that will not leave you a lot of mental freedom to think about things.

    Another thing that I find helps a lot with this kind of stuff, is if you really do want to be a masculine guy, then start doing masculine things - get into weight lifting, eating healthy, etc. and just be all-around more productive with your life and focus on things that help with that. What you'll find in time is that the sissy stuff will fade a bit, especially if you start looking at porn less often and masturbating less - you'll begin finding just the idea of some girl-next-door type female that you know of, just being in her underwear will start giving you an erection - seeing a healthy girl in a bikini at the beach will make your dick twitch a bit and the extreme fetish stuff like sissy, etc. will just not carry as much weight in your mind.

    And I'm not a proponent of going monk-mode. IMO, masturbation is very healthy it just comes down to not doing it too much, and staying away from porn as much as you can.

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