i’m on my 3rd streak and I feel f*cking amazing

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    Hey guys just checking in here. I’ve gone 24 days without PMO, and today I was testing my erection without porn and it was hard as Fk. I measured it and it turned out to be 6.5 inches. I think it’s grown, or maybe it’s just because of my improving erection quality. I also have had a lot happen to me throughout this month. I’ve made it out with the girl I like and gotten hard from her, and I’m about to make her my girlfriend soon . I’m fucking happy. I’m 16 btw
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  2. Feeling good is what this challenge is all about. Amazing is even better. However, maintaining that feeling is a challenge in itself. I have found that once you get past the first 3 weeks, that you settle down and things get easier. Nevertheless, you will still get occasional days when your urges to PMO are strong. If you get through those, your easier days will return. :)

    I just want to point out that testing your erection is very unwise. o_O I say that because either, you have to look at some arousing pictures (not nudes per se.) or more likely you play with yourself for a bit. On this occasion it doesn't seem like this was a problem. But I assure you that you cannot guarantee that in future. The majority of people that test their dick find it comes with a temptation to masturbate they just cannot handle. So, please avoid this (and a relapse) in the future.

    So, 6.5 inches is an ideal dick size - congratulations, lol. :rolleyes: So, you do not have to test in future wondering if your dick is average, let's say, because you are already above average. What you have to realise is that 24 days is very early in the rebooting process. I do no know what your masturbation and porn history is to this point, but it will take many months for the damage you have done until now to heal. So, keep your focus on a reboot and a great sex life in the future. Good luck.
  3. This sounds like real progress, and the development with the girl is also nice.

    Sounds like you ARE becoming a beast.
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