I’m starting to realize how bad I actually am

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Bosniak-Trigger, Nov 13, 2018.

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    always be positive about yourself.
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    Hey you need to stop for more than just 3 days. Me too. Try to stop 10 days and more.
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    I cannot believe what I am reading... Judging by nickname, you live in Bosnia. In Bosnia, it is not even legal to have a driver's permit by the age of 18. Unfortunately, you are a victim of mediazation of society that says: "if you're not this - than you are this". A child still cannot be a loser. Later in life, in order to attract a good girl, you have to build yourself and make her want you for something (and I am not thinking about car, money and fancy home). Girls look for confidence - yes, but more important - they look for somebody they can grasp on, to have a support in their life if something goes wrong. If they have to do everything alone - why would they need you in their life? And good girl is worth your every effort because she will make you a better man. Good looking body is just a body you will get tired of, but good personality never.
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    I moved to America 8 years ago and thanks for the response I’m doing better now than when i posted this
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    Totaly know how you feel. I'm 17 yo and I'm also currently on my third day of NoFap (not my longest streak but the most recent one since the last like 5 months ago)
    Now that I don't waste too much time M I have more free time and energy but I realized how lonley I've been for the past year. Have few friends who seem to have much more interesting lives than me, zero girls looking on my direction and a constant feeling that I'm a loser and that nobody wants to spend time with me.
    Despite all this I've decided that it is time to work on myself, I started reading a book I said I was going to read a year ago, invited a girl to go out today and had a great time although it was clear she was not into me and I'm currently trying to find ways to improve my social skills and selfsteem.
    We dont have to wait for things to happen, we gotta go outhere and MAKE THEM HAPPEN
    I know you'll work yourself through this, all it takes is determination
    (English is not my first lenguage so sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes)
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    Nije lako, ali nisi jedini drži se
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    Just go for it man, jump, take the risk, life is about taking risks. We don't realize how many women we lose for not making the move.
    I am 25, I don't have a permit either. At your age I was good at flirting on parties, and I was not good looking, just very extroverted and charismatic, and always making the move. I got rejected a lot of times, but I got a bunch of yeses too, and that's what it takes, to risk being rejected.
    Well, I stopped flirting from 20 to 25. No women at all for 5 years, even though I knew, some times for certain, that there where some interested in me, I just lost the confidence to make moves. Didn't like my looks before, but on my early 20s it was just too much, didn't like my looks at all and I lost my coinfidence.
    Okay, so the last time I made out with a girl (for 3 hours) was on new year's eve party, first one after these 5 years. She was a friend of my friends, I talked to her, because I talk to anyone when drunk, my old extrovert self comes alive, and I liked her, the night went on, and a friend said something to me, then a girl said "hey! what did he said, was it something about Teresa?", I said, who's Teresa, and she said: "you two go out to look for her", meaning me and the girl that I liked. So I thought she was Teresa and that must mean she liked me, so I felt like: oh, perfect, they gave me this on a silver plate. When walking out, i was walking behind her, hands on her hips, and I asked her, won't you happen to be Teresa? And she said, no I'm Lucia, and as I was still thinking that asking both of us to go out had something to it, I said, then I don't care who's Teresa, should we go to that bench over there? She said yes, and turns out Teresa was outside, so I don't even know if they wanted me to meet Teresa or what, but when she said, Teresa is that girl over there, I said "fine, I don't care, I don't eve know her" while laughing, letting her know I was only intersted on her. Long story short, I went for a "have you ever kissed a guy with a beard", she said yes, and I said, "did he kissed better than me?", and then we started to make out.
    Sooo the thing is, if that girl hadn't made a "move" for us, that would have been a girl that I would have never known that I had a chance with... But I shouldn't have need that girl, I should have had the balls to make the first move by myself. I'm going back to my teen self, making the move is so important. And btw, flirting makes you feel so reassured on your manliness and overall confidence.
    So man, go for it, if you get rejected go for any other girl you like, don't let the fear of rejection keeping you away from women for years...
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