I’ve been on NoFap for a week.

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Gaelgarcla, Jun 22, 2020.

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    I have started my nofap journey. I am a 16 year old almost 17 next month , to get more energy since I am always very tired also I read some threads that it helps with hairloss and I’ve been dealing with receding hairline, I had thick curly hair but I recently cut it due to receding and hopefully can grow it back. If it doesn’t grow back then I’m not worried , I do workout frequently and eat very healthy. Thanks for reading this ! I am new and I hope to see the benefits of nofap!! I wont be looking for them as I know you cant just get the benefits right away . Thanks for reading this post! :) Also I’m single asf and ugly so thats why i want to start this haha

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    My instagram is @Gaelgarcla if you guys want to ask me something thanks just know i am a newbie!
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    Welcome to the forums. Good luck in achieving your goals!
  4. Hi welcome to the community :) wish you all the best on your journey, if you have any questions or concerns please dont hesitate to ask us. Take care
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