I am a loser with girl, I am hopeless

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by FY_33, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. FY_33

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    Half way trough of 90 days
    I really want to have an affection and relationship with girl, but, Islam forbid it

    I know, I will be married in next 2 or 3 years(might be, there is parent who wants me to be his son in law), so I must be patient. I am not interested in porn/mild porn image/or even masturbation anymore, I want a real girl:(

    I feel really jealous when I look at a photo of wedding, will I find my true love too after 4 years being single and even I already forgot how to approach a girl. Waiting for special girl like my first ex, it feels like she falls from heaven.

    Will this patience paid off?...
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    Don't panic when you don't find your girl yet. It is just a matter of time. While waiting, try to do all the self-development things and get yourself ready when she arrives. Get all the confidence, good talking stuff. Wish you well!
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  3. I think you've found yourself in the absolute most difficult place many of us are- being alone and seeing love flourish all around you.
    All I can tell you is learn to enjoy what you have around you right now. You can have your goals and aspirations, but using goals and aspirations as a means to make your life better actually won't. You'll feel as if you've gotten nowhere.

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