I am a newbie for this challenge, but failed multiple times before

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    Hello everyone! I am 27 years old. I started masturbating from my 10th grade.
    Initially, I did for fun and for the pleasure. I come home from school and do masturbation every day.

    Years later, It became an addiction in me. When ever I see any hot scenes in TV and I will go to the bathroom and fap.

    Once I got access more to the Internet, I started doing it continuously like 4 times a day and break for 2 to 3 days and again it loops

    My longest streak was 17days without PMO, Since last 13 years.

    I want to indulge in NoFap to test myself. A test for my will power

    Currently or I can say so far in my life,
    I feel no motivation to do any task other than my office work (even no motivation to enhance my skills)

    Feeling lazy to get up in the morning for work out (Though I like it most)

    Feeling tired most of the time (Taking more time to sleep, still low sleep quality)

    Social anxiety, I felt many times in the Interview

    Since Work from home is happening, I have urge for PMO even in working hours (If I free). Actually I become prey sometimes. It looks dangerous

    Without the purpose, using phone continuously (Switching between FB, Insta, YTube)

    So, I want to change my identity and don't want to regret after some years of not trying NoFap

    I am waiting and exited to post my thoughts after 21 days of No fAP
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