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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Topic, Jan 15, 2019.

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    When I was actively watching gay pornography, I had a habit of saving the material onto my miniature video library. There was one video of a delicious, black-haired emo boy who was in his bedroom stroking himself on camera. He had a star tattoo. I have been thinking about this recently, more so about recording myself and uploading it.

    Later that day I was browsing Google for tips on attracting women, and men. And the webpages I saved emphasised the use of body language. I was motivated to visit the library where I borrowed a book on the subject. This would, in theory, aid me in using my body to convey nonverbal signals of attraction in the video as I want it to be an erotic experience. In my mind, I see men commenting on how handsome I am and what they want to do to me.

    If I’m being completely honest, I have been thinking about acting in gay porn and was browsing applications last night. The voice in my head says, “Sometimes you need to compromise and settle for less than what you’re worth.”

    What's wrong with me?
  2. Nothing is wrong with you. Don’t judge yourself. Only make decisions when you’re in “non horny” mode. I made the mistake of signing up and making money, well tokens, on a site that people paid you for showing yourself on cam. I better not mention the site. People are very intrigued with seeing this*. Gay and straight women and men.

    *big penis
  3. I acted in bdsm movies long time ago.
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    One problem is if you live stream, you have no idea who's recording it. Then it's out there literally forever and you can't control it. Happened to someone I know, they'll never be able to delete it all as it was posted everywhere....
  5. I know this. It wasn’t wise.

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