I am depressed

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by CThatch94, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. CThatch94

    CThatch94 Fapstronaut

    I need someone to talk to.

    I feel like everything I have worked for in life has been just taken away from me and I don't even know what my purpose is anymore.
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  2. mcp8419

    mcp8419 Fapstronaut

    I share your pain. I question my life's purpose too.

    When everything is taken away, at least you have nothing more to lose and everything to gain. Even if it's just for a short while.

    I'm not suicidal but I do think about the idea of it although I'm not going to do anything. Every day I just say to myself I have nothing more to lose and will die sooner or later anyway.
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  3. tranqueira

    tranqueira Fapstronaut

    My purpose is only to overcome addiction in pornography and masturbation. I believe the greater purpose, I forgot because of my vice.
    But as the days go by, I feel better about myself.
    I hope you can overcome those bad days. I hope you do not give up. I do not want to give up either.
    I hope you understand,
    translate with google translate
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  4. fadedfidelity

    fadedfidelity Fapstronaut

    This is such a strong truth. Thank you for sharing your words. That helps me as a SO understand. I hope you guys understand that you are not alone and to keep fighting! Stay strong.
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  5. Newonetwo

    Newonetwo Fapstronaut

    If you really need someone to talk you can message me.

    I know what it's feeling alone in that moments


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