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    Cute Hipster Banned - Posting Porn

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  3. I banned most of your accounts and IP addresses. I'm 99.5% sure that it was you creating a ton of accounts and spamming the forum with porn gifs. The IP addresses and times match perfectly. Kind of a dick move, buddy.

    Just because you don't think there is anything wrong with watching porn doesn't entitle you to make the decision for everybody else who uses NoFap. Based on your post history, you are only abstaining from masturbating and orgasm, but most people here are abstaining from porn too (for obvious reasons, since most of us are here to recover from porn addiction). Again, just because you see nothing wrong with it does not make it right to spam NoFap with porn gifs. Even if porn was totally an alright thing to use, these people made the conscious decision to cut it out of their lives. It is their right and their decision to do that - and you're a total dick for trying to invade upon their reboots and decisions.

    I'm going to keep this thread open so that everybody can call you an asshole. Let the public shaming begin.
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  4. Thank you alexander,for flushing turds like him, right where they belong in the toilet bowl.
  5. aakkss

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    why is he still here if he doesn't abide by the rules of nofap?
  6. They've been banned. Not still here, I hope.
  7. aakkss

    aakkss Fapstronaut

    nice to know that, he was a real idiot imo..
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  8. ChangeofDavid

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    I'm pissed, I feel abnormal; I'm glad he's banned. I hope gifs are kept off this website. There might be more then one cutie hipster.
  9. JensDK42

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    I thought we ended up making peace with him and agreeing to disagree or something like that.
    Well, nothing to discuss now :p
    gj Alexander. Nice to see admins caring about their community.
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  10. Cooldude4

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    Alexander, man.. you sounded too polite, kick his ass
  11. Thank you Alexander for taking care of all of this. I know it can be a thankless job at times. Especially when someone like CH shows up.

    I guess I don't expect people to understand how much we've invested in our reboots and how important it is for us to succeed. After all most people think PMO is healthy. So I guess it's inevitable that people like CH will come on here an porn spam us. Still that's kind of a dick move to do on any forum, even one not dedicated to removing porn form our lives.

    It all goes to show how the social contract has broken down on the internet. People use the anonymity the internet provides to say basically anything. That someone like CH couldn't agree to disagree but had to make his point with massive porn bombing is just sickening. What are we becoming as a people when we spend tons of time on the internet and on social media and think we can say and do whatever we feel like to others, no matter how misogynist, racist, rude, or just plain hateful?
  12. Hope84

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    I appreciate all of your efforts Alexander. You are the sentinel guarding the door to this great community. I'm lucky that I wasn't active during the time this happened, and grateful for your quick actions. I don't normally jump in on the casting stones, but that guy is a total DICK. lol

    There's not much more i can add to what you already shared.
    There will always be trolls.
  13. monkotto

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    i want to call him ratface - if that is ok? ;)

    cute hipster - err sorry i mean ratface hipster - you are definitive not cute!

    be prepared ratface can do this again.
  14. I like rats, monkotto.

    Still I think we must forgive Cute Hipster. After all his actions reveal that he is in some sort of pain, and that he is masking that pain by becoming a troll and being disagreeable. People don't do that sort of stuff just to have fun. They do it because they are hurting inside and trying to find ways to ignore it and mask it.

    I hope you can find healing, Cute Hipster. No hard feelings. Go on from here and be the best person you can be. I wish you the best of luck!
  15. IGY

    IGY Guest

    I am angry that this troll - we knew from he outset that he was not sincere, let's face it - caused several people to relapse as the result of his selfish tantrum. Is there anyway Alexander that members here can make you and the mod aware that there is an CURRENT forum-wide attack going on? We felt so helpless for some of the time yesterday.
  16. I think that's why Alexander is going to make more moderators, so there will always be someone on the scene.
  17. monkotto

    monkotto Fapstronaut

    sorry if you are a rat-friend. not mentioned to hurt your feelings. right some people have rats. ;)
    absolute no problems with the memes he posted (that was funny) - no problems with the curse he posted - but posting porn in this forum is the lowest of low.
  18. Have a good life you deeply troubled moron. I hope you decide to put the same effort that went into spamming the board towards bettering your grasp of the English language.
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  19. Happiness

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    Perfect. What an asshole this kid turned out to be.
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