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  1. mook

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    I'm pretty sure he never attempted nofap. His intention from the start was to make up lies/ troll the board/ post porn.
  2. For someone so immature and clearly troubled to go over two months would be some feat. I agree.
  3. Mr.NoFapster

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    Use some good stuff (to publicly shame the s.O.b) for ammunition!
  4. Mr.NoFapster

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    Yep I have the same opinion on that matter as you. He probably was just making shit up to sound like he was actually doing nofap. He's true intentions were, as we saw, to launch a Porn terrorist attack on us with one goal - our failure. He failed, we won! We proved him wrong.
  5. zozorelo

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    I'm glad I managed to register right before this guy. You guys helped me a lot. I can't believe someone would do such a thing as spamming this forum. It's such a great community.
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  6. Happy that you were able to slip in. And I'll be reenabling registration ASAP so that people who need help don't get turned away because of this asshat.
  7. Limeaid

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    Yep still there...
  8. IGY

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    ICDMatrix - the porn gif guy was 25! :(
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  9. Yep it is pretty tragic, I am sure there are lots of kids 50 times more mature then he was.
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  10. I'm screaming of laughter at your wording. I feel bad to have run away like a coward but I knew I wouldn't have been able to resist, slow clapping Alexander thank you for handling the situation like this.

    Cute Hipster, I have nothing for you but compassion, I really hope you find the attention and care you so obviously desperately crave by proving us numerous times your existence. May I suggest that you try not to watch porn, just to see if it helps? NoFap started like this for me, maybe it'll work for you too! And please, man, at the end of the day I don't care at all if you watch porn or not, but man, get some taste!!! That's by far the worst porn I've ever not seen :D Never stop self-improving and may all your dreams come true, as long as you remember that your freedom stops where others begin. Stay strong, adieu!
  11. Knight Solaire

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    I think people who use "gay" and "closet homo" for insults should also be banned. Those are childish remarks and you guys need to grow up.
  12. Fully agreed, especially since there's a large population of dudes and gays around here. Maybe not banned directly, but like if there's a muting option it would be cool, and if they do it again then banned.
  13. Schia

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    Oh dear. What a shame.

    There's trolling, and then there's attempting to ruin people's lives. This is the equivalent of putting vodka shots into a recovering alcoholic's fruit juice. If someone finds it funny, then I feel they are deeply troubled. Unfortunately, until they can see that, admit that they're doing something that is pretty messed up, then there is no helping them.

    To me, it all comes under the umbrella of compassion. Compassion is the most wonderful of human abilities. It shows consciousness of the world around us, an ability to act in the best interests of everyone, seeing no difference between one being and the next. It takes compassion to accept the differences between us all and live together harmoniously, not through hurt or spite. It takes compassion to help each other, not to cause obstacles on life's path. And it takes compassion to try and understand one another, even when we might feel that we don't know where they are coming from. Without it, communities like ours would never get off the ground. We would all be individuals, furrowing paths without the understanding of others. This is why we shouldn't hate. We can pity those who need help but are unwilling to seek it, but to resort to petty name calling will not help the situation.

    We must be strong. We must rise above it, we must carry on until triggers become nullified, then help the next people to reach where we are. We are changing our lives for the better, every one of us who signs up to NoFap, admits they have a problem and attempts to do something about it is doing so because they care for themselves. They're not ashamed to admit that something wider society increasingly treats as normal is actually a scourge. They are not afraid to stand up and try to be they beat that they can be. And we all shall be. For we have looked addiction in the eye, and we have said "NO MORE"! And when we have said that, we have meant it, and followed it up with action. We have helped each other, and will continue to do so. And when something comes along that tries to throw us off, yes, some of us will wobble, but there are enough of us to pick them up, show them compassion and get them back on the way to where they want to be.

    Men, women and anyone who identifies themselves as anything else of NoFap, they say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If you still have that will, that resolve to beat this addiction, then even if someone has posted something that has caused you to relapse, you will only come back stronger for it. So thanks, CuteHipster. You may be troubled, but we know what our troubles are and we're going to fight them until we have control of our own will again! And, in the long run, your worryingly sick attempt at a joke is only going to make us better people in the end.

    That said, what an absolute bell-end.
  14. Prov.4:23

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    Nothing is without meaning...even having to attempt to make ruin in one's online relationships. CH...I hope you get the help you need. I cannot imagine what your life must be like.
  15. DireWolf

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    You are not different, scum like you is very common, we know how to deal with you, show your face again and you will be put down like a dog again

    ps. i dont mean any insult to dogs, i love animals.
  16. PotentLife

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    Man, you cracked me the heck up.
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  17. Seeker19

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    I disagree with the idea that CH might have been totally planning this attack since the beginning and wasnt actually trying NoFap.
    I dont think anyone is that twisted.
    I think he just went through a pretty bad time for him to let himself do this.
  18. Seeker19

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    Man, could you post the link of his journal or success story? I wanna see what happened to him. Like how the shift happened.
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