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  1. Greetings, People of the Future.

    It seems like a very good idea to me at the time (now, in the past) to create a thread for people who are drunk and want to post.

    Remember, your drunk actions are in the past. Your drunk postings are also in the past and can be removed. Much like this very thread, which may disappear.

    Post them here. Some of the most profound things you'll ever think and write are done while drunk. It's not a coincidence that many great writers were alcoholics (I am drunk).

    Anyway, it occurs to me that, rather than rant your shit all over the place, it might be good to have a place. Something about it being good to have somewhere to express literally rather than PMO-wise too.

    If you're drunk, don't PMO. Write something here, and then delete it. Or don't, I don't care.

    Also if you're drugging out. Can I have some? Nah, just kidding. (but seriously, have you got any?)
  2. Here's a thing that I was listening to a moment ago, in the past. Triggers etc, blah blah. You're all big boys and girls. Seems appropriate anyway.

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  3. I will absolutely be making future contributions to this thread
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  5. One more that I will probably delete later

    Ghosts appear and fade away
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  6. Good night, drunk HumanBob

    One that works on 16th February 2019 in Australia

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  7. I feel like this would be really dope if it was for high people instead
  8. “I always started a job with the feeling that I'd soon quit or be fired, and this gave me a relaxed manner that was mistaken for intelligence or some secret power.”
    Charles Bukowski, Factotum
  9. Today I got out of work early and decided to pop in to a local pub to catch the end of a game. I had two beers and now I'm feeling quite tipsy since I decided to skip lunch. I will enjoy this for a minute and sober up. I've drastically cut my alcohol consumption since the beginning of the year so it's a short lived pleasure for me and then back on track. I do miss this feeling though. Cheers!
  10. Having some drinks tonight.
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  11. Good job! Me too!
  12. I did face that foe, Max Fisher. It was a close call regarding PMO, which I will write about in my journal if and when I feel like it.

    There were several close calls, on the night in question, if in fact it was night, and the next day. Beware the Little Monster. I am not a religious man, nor a particularly hungry one, nor one who fears being eaten, but I was CONSUMED with the monster.
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  13. Why don't I know The Buzzcocks?

    I really like this song. I'm a big fan of Noel Fielding. Noel Fielding is on a show called Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

    It's a mystery to me. Please explain. Or tell me to fuck off. Or refuse to tell me to fuck off. I don't care.
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  14. If you put the universe in a tube, it would probably extend to twice the size of the universe.
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  15. Wow man. That was really something. Dark though. Fuckn Dark. Gonna have to listen to that a few times to fully take it in. Get my grok on.

    Edit: Second listen. Love it. Gonna say that it's probably best listened to after finding your psilocybin centre to avoid psychosis, but truly art.
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  16. My mind knows my brain is drunk, therefore it is sober. My brain is drunk. If my mind is a manifestation of my brain then it is drunk, and not sober. Therefore, thinking is prlobuh 7ouyouuMEMORY o7ouDAISY..DAISY IU...dave?

    Luckily this post does not exist in the present. Here's a song about that, inspired by @Max Fisher's things.
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