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  1. Posting here during a brief window of sobriety between benders for some reason. Unfortunately, my “brief window” is 99% of the time. I am sober 99% of the time. Nearly 100% of my recent posts have been in this drunk thread. It doesn’t make sense.

    To rectify I would need to:

    1. Increase the time I am drunk to match the percentage of my posts that are in the drunk thread,
    2. Increase the percentage of my posts outside the drunk thread to better match my sober time, or
    3. Do neither of these, thereby broadening my scope to the realm of all possibilities (minus the first two).

    Such an endeavour would require the manifestation of the conceptual Ørsted’s Infinitely Large Spreadsheet which exists simultaneously in my mind and nowhere.

    Consequently I will do none of these things, making this entire post superfluous.
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  2. hashalot

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    Best thread on this forum. Hands down.
  3. Feeling kinda punk today. Like most days I guess.
  4. I use to live in Portland but I ran sound for these guys in Phoenix (bragging). Good guys, good video.
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  5. Stop drinking you degenerates. I've got straight edge! sXe!
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  7. Some old faves from fotc

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  8. Yep, I laughed. And I enjoyed the vomiting. Reminded me of this (fotc brain tonight)

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  9. Good because it's old? Or old because it's good?

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  10. This is awesome!
  11. Yep. I like their conciseness.
  12. Even older New Zealand pop

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  13. So goooood! That was great!
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