I am feeling homosexual feelings even though I'm sure I am straight.

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    I am feeling homosexual feelings even though I'm sure I am straight. I've been watching porn since I was 13 and I am about to be 16 now. The porn and masturbation intesifield to 3-4 times a day until an incident happened. I started O'ing to gay porn little by little and I am now confused about what I am feeling. Up until now I have firmly straight, I even remember rejecting a guy just because I was not into that stuff. But it's harder to get aroused by girls and easier to get aroused (and have fantasies) about guys. I feel deep inside my true orientation is there but as now I still have a certain level of arousal to men, which never has happened ever before. I think people recommend a reboot, which I am going to keep attempting. I just want to see of anyone can help me or has had a similar experience.
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    Normal on excessive PMO over a longer period of time. dont worry.
  3. How can you be sure then? I had even very good intense sex being 17 years old with a woman, but nevertheless it are definately men, who float my boat. Maybe you will have to learn to deal with it. If you were mid twenties already or older, I would say, sure probably just porn induced - especially, if you have never felt like this before. But a teenager your age? At least very bisexual in my honest opinon. Ask yourself, why you have started and kept going on to watch gay porn at all, if there would be no true interest by your side. Porn without any inner affection for it has no power to influence anyone. It´s just ridiculous, annoying, boring, disgusting or all of it together then.
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  4. don't stress, you are 15 way too young to have everything worked out. Stay away from porn and focus on your real everyday life. At your age I really think these questions can only be answered later on when you are older and you will cross that bridge when you come to it. In the meantime don't feel ashamed of your feelings or let anyone try to sway you one way or another.Think for yourself.
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    All right I will stay away from porn for probably a 90 day reboot because I know these feelings cannot be real. It just never looked at men that way, not even slightly the frequency of my porn watching habits grew enormously. Like I am talking 3 times daily. I hope this can return me back to normal.
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  6. Im married with same issue
  7. And another . . .

    I accepted myself as a bisexual at 18 (25 years ago now) . . . I actually wrote it in my journal on my 18th birthday: "I am Bisexual. Don't Panic"

    Thing is, I am ten if not fifty times more attracted to women and I can't really see myself ever being in a relationship with a man.

    But . . . some of my most erotic fantasies are homoerotic. It's still confusing.
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    Have you tried a 90 day reboot?
  9. Trying. If I could do 90 days perfectly that would be ah-mazing!

    My hope is that somehow not PMO'ing will help me to man up and ask out the girl of my dreams, and then just focus all of my sexual energy on her, rather that endlessly giving up what I really want for the short term gratifications of porn, masturbation, fantasy and orgasm.

    I went 129 days w/o an orgasm once. I've only really looked at porn twice this year and haven't stroked it since 12/23/17 but . . . still not perfect. I still struggle with edging, fantasy and finding other ways to get off.
  10. I even tried prostate milking to get off
  11. How interesting!
  12. Relieved the pressure. And felt good too. But probably not a good habit
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    Well I'll have to see after 90 days what my results are, only time will tell. There are stories of people having a experience similar to mine rebooting in order to return to their normal attraction.
  14. So, how is it going so far. I know you’re just starting out but curious. I wish I had figured things out earlier. Just don’t let anyone else tell you you are or aren’t straight, bi or anything else. You decide and give yourself time. Back when I was young I let people make me believe I was gay. I was quiet, artistic, didn’t much like sports etc. I thought because people said so I was. Somewhere around 20 I thought Hell no! I get to decide this. I want kids of my own , I want that life of family and a woman.
    Unfortunately because of being groomed and sexually used by a male teacher as a teen it really has made my journey a mess. I am still married to the same woman for 45 years. Kids, grands and am grateful I made my own decision.
    Good luck.
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    Still confusing for me too. Being objective, even with a 90 day reboot.. I might be bisexual. But I had sex with women and men a lot.. I had sex with men 3 times and even though it was grindr, I felt comfortable. Some men are attractive, but women are simply better.. Women just have better genes than us men lol, more genetic variety.
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    whether you are straight, gay, bisexual or other it is ok! Human sexuality is a complex thing, society doesn't get to tell us who we are or what we like. Allow yourself to feel what you feel for another human as long as it's coming from a healthy place. Use the reboot to allow yourself find the sexual person you are whether that is a straight or gay man or anything else.
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    I find myself watching transgendered person porn all the time from when I was about 25 I’m 35 now - I’ve no desire to be with anyone but a woman so am rebooting finally!
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    What you describe is quite common on this site -- in both the mainstream and the bi guys and confused sexualities Groups. I would not worry too much about it. Labels are a bit rigid anyway and sexuality seems to be pretty fluid. Personally, I find the "born this way" or the other approach too simplistic to cover the complexity, relative fluidity, and evolvability of human sexuality.
    That said, yes, yes, yes, rather than worry about definitions and new P-induced fantasies you should _definitely_ reboot and reboot consistently for a few months (monk mode being the most "cleansing" imo). That's definitely the best way to sexual health.
    Best of success, guy!