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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by ItsYaBoy, Jun 1, 2019.

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    so i am doing the standard mode of nofap and i am on day 6, day 7 in like 1 hr.

    i had a sexual encounter today with my girlfriend and while we were doing stuff it was going amazing the feelings were amazing and it felt super good. i usually take about 30-1 hr to orgasm from this activity and today it took 16 minutes (roughly) :)

    this may not seem like a good number as it should last less time but for me it was a success as i can already notice i dont take as long to orgasm, all good so far?

    well when i was near the end of the experience, about 12 mins (roughly) into it, one of my fetishes flooded my head for a split second and as soon as i thought of this fetish i could feel i was about to orgasm, but i tried my best to get rid of the thought, which was successful and like i said only lasted a split second. the feeling when i thought about it was insane like my brain was craving it. but once it had went away i was back to thinking about the sensation i was getting and orgamsed in the next 3-5 mins.

    now i am by my self i kept thinking about this fetish and i would get a little stimulated but stopped my self out of disgust.

    i wanted to say this as a way of relieving my self and making sure i had let it out. but i also wanted to ask will this affect the reboot? and should i reset my counter? i dont think resetting would be necessary but i swear to god if i never thought about it i would still have came in the 15 mins it took only that the thought was only for less than a second.

    so basically any advice on this situation?
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    Im only new so my experience doesnt count for much, but IMO I dont think you should reset. You controlled your thoughts, well done.

    Set your own goals and rules. As your newish like me to this, I would say dont set the rules too impossible. You can increase the strictness as you improve and have reached other goals. Maybe when you complete 30 or 60 or 90? days say to yourself, now if I think of x while having sex - that is a reset (if thats your goal - to avoid any thought at all)

    Keep going and keep it real
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  3. ItsYaBoy

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    thank you will keep this in mind!

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