I am fighting more battles than just NoFap, I’m slowly giving up

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Di.Do.555

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    That is where u have to start.
    Excercise changes ur mood instantly
  2. Yes! It's true I was much happier when I used to exercise but now I am negative than I have been before, it is actually the longest time I have not exercised as I was an athlete for every year since and after school.
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  3. I will look it up immediately! What is 500+ days like?
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  4. Sinbad

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    What got me out of inertia in my early twenties was riding my bike to the swimming pool 3x a week.
    You still got youth in you and it will show quickly how much you are still capable of.

    First swim I could barely finish a lap because of fatigue and a week later I swam a kilometre already.
    Once I saw that kind of improvement, it didn't take long before I followed a job specific course designed for unemployed people which gave me a lot more job opportunity.
    Try to contact people whose work it is to help you get a job to see what's possible for you.
  5. Thank you for this. Very confidence-boosting and I am rethinking many things I am dealing with, thank you!
  6. Kman20

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    It’s completely different lol you feel normal and like women are objects to me anymore. Alright man let me know after you look it up. Message me too if anything, I’ll try to do what I can to help you find a job and get back on your feet. Having nothing to do is a strong cause for relapse. I don’t mind helping.
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  7. I would start nofap and work on the other things. Maybe nofap will give You the push to go apply for college and follow up on those applications.
    I know that 15 days in, I fill much more motivated to work harder at my job to gain respect and favor.
  8. cadia guardsman

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    You still very Young , dont give up , im older than you 1 year and sometime ago my life was also shit but , things change, you just have to put work to it , self improvement is essencial
  9. I am proud that you are feeling the benefits and taking this oath. Thanks for commenting, although I made this thread I have to tell you it feels amazing being so many days in! Keep it up
  10. nsb2019

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    You are WAY too young to be calling yourself a failure at anything right now. At least you recognize that you do not like your current situation. You can change that. Things take time. You've been out of high school for like 2 years. It's too early to start giving up. Keep looking for jobs. Keep from PMO. Keeping up with those two alone will make a difference in your life. Remember, giving up is easy.
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  11. CerealKiller

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    You need Dr Jordan Peterson...
    it’s really that simple.

    Clean your room, bucko!!
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  12. Avenging Marmoset

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    If you really need to do something-anything-for some cash, get some pro window washing gear (telescopic pole from HD, and get a bucket-on-a-belt, a wide, pro bucket and a stainless handled 12 in squeegee all from some online distributor), think up a name, get some cards made up for 12 bucks and the streets. Go into every last business that has glass and offer to do their windows in and out for $25, then drop it to $20 if they agree to have you there bi-weekly. ALWAYS talk only to the manager, never the damn underlings. Keep stopping in until you get the manager. I made a few bucks doing this in the desperate hours, even had me a route i'd do every week after a while. Look at some yt vids to see how it's done. No licenses required, and it's all cash. Or jobs making pizza. They have a lot of turnover and hire anyone who can put fog on a mirror, plus it's easy. I know a guy who made store manager at a papa johns in just 3 mos.
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  13. nsb2019

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    Clean your room, bucko!![/QUOTE]

    Seriously makes such a difference.
  14. Enwar

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    You need to get an apprenticeship for a trade. Look at a list of all skilled trades, find one that you like, and look for apprenticeship programs in your state. Stop applying to random jobs and get an apprenticeship.

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