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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new here. I think this is the fourth (or sixth?) time I've tried to stop PMO, but my first time using NoFap. I have spent the better part (75%?) of my life trapped the PMO cycle, and with the advent of technology it has only gotten worse. It's gotten to a point that it is a part of my daily life, and is almost as habitual as brushing my teeth. But I know that I spend so much time with PMO that I can be so much more than I am. I know because for a brief few months (you know during one of those earlier attempts) I stopped the PMO cycle and I was tremendously focused, and life was awesome.

    But I'm here to try an experiment. I think I can be so much more than I am right now. I think I can realize my dreams if I can just stop the PMO cycle. And I think NoFap can help. I just want to see what life is like with out PMO. It's been so long I've almost forgotten. And I want to see what it is like long enough so I won't need PMO.

    About 8 years ago PMO blew up my marriage. There is a lot of collateral that I am still dealing with as a result. But things are better than they were. And now I just want to get rid of PMO.

    Now I know this requires more of a "commitment" than an "experiment" but an "experiment" is safer right now because it is not quite a full on "commitment". And calling it an "experiment" is a mind trick so I will get started, and maybe a "commitment" won't seem as bad.

    Anyway thanks for reading. Time to experiment :)
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  2. Septimus

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    Welcome, I'm glad you're here. I'm so sorry about what happened with your marriage. But at least you see things clearly; a lot of people never stop denying the problem. That's a huge first step.

    I hope you keep coming back.
  3. All we know how difficult is this.

    But if you want to crash the cycle.

    Must reading all the time here the other stories.
    With this you understand the stages away from porn addiction and you will be ready for everything.
    You must read and understand the changes witch created in our brain from the porn. (Read about dopamine and porn). With this you understand the difficulty and why we can't stop it so easy.
    You must learn from your old relapses the reasons for relapse and don't do again.
    Need find other things to keep you brain busy.
    Need writing every day your personal blog here. With this you will be focus to your target. Don't forget why are you here and what it your target . FOCUS
  4. RELAPSE :-(

    Triggers: "Just a quick look... I won't M.... But I am just so pent up... have to release" . and then it happened.

    just tellint myself It's ok to start over.

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