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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, May 21, 2019.

  1. i am scared because i know what this addiction is doing to me and i can not even abstain for 1 day.

    my hentai, eroge and femdom fetish is making everything worse.

    thae fantasies in that shit are not natural andthey are degrading to both man and women.

    my lowest moment would be either looking at sex toys which just makes me sick to my stomach or relapsing to futunari.

    everything i used to enjoy like exercising, video games, music etc stopped being enjoyable stopped.

    everytime i get an urge i easly give in heck 3 hours ago i relapsed again just after promising my self i would stop.

    i am 20 yaers old and i am addicted to hentai what a faliure i become.

    i am writing all this to finnaly have clarity to what i must do
  2. Tao Jones

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    Cut off your connection to all sources of P and P-subs. Get an AP or three on this site. Check in with them every day. Envision the life you want without PMO in it. make a plan to move toward that life. Then do whatever it takes to make those steps forward. If you are willing to pay the price of radical lifestyle change, you can break free.

    The choice is yours. I am cheering you on!
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  3. GaryMayor

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    It is not true that you can't stop urges. The question is if you really want to resign from a porn. Do you really want? What do you feel? How would your life look like when you stop PMO? Full of fear? Loneliness? Or maybe satisfaction from achieving your goals and living a full life? What do you think?

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