I am married and I am not !! :(

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by CS1, Apr 17, 2019.

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    Guys I am married 12 years and in the same time I am not , I don't have the desire for her I remember in some months I have sex with her once and in some no sex. She always asking me do you hate me ? Are you loving another girl ? She doesn't know I am looking to porn, guys I don't have children due the masturbation always my sperm low and abnormal , my question is why I don't have desire for her at all ? And if the porn was the reason after nofap I will have the desire?
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    Confess to your wife. She deserves to know the truth.
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    Tell her the truth, this is the best way. So she knows she is not the problem, you are the problem, porn is the problem.
  4. There are plenty of posts explaining mechanics of how this works but short version is.

    Heavy use of pornography makes daily pleasures less pleasurable, it makes hugging, kissing and sex less pleasurable. But it also makes you morning cup of coffee and your favorite song less pleasurable Sensitivity of your brain goes way down because you keep overstimulating it and normal life falls under the threshold, you just do not feel much.

    As people suggested, you have to take some responsibility here, your wife feels lack of affection, (she is not on porn) so lack of intimacy from you is destroying her mood and self esteem. So be open with her, have a heart to heart and talk. It is never easy but you will gain support and accountability you need to stop.

    If you do not stop, you will ruin your marriage and probably your life eventually, because next you will begin to have major mood issues, problems focusing and staying motivated and it all goes downhill from there.

    So I suggest you establish safety and talk to your wife, and start working towards dropping the habit. If you do you eventually feel the desire you felt for her, it all comes back.
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