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    I think you should force yourself to believe that you deserve to be loved.You should believe on a deep psychological level that you are worth more than all this bullshit.
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    I agree man. That's the hard bit though and it can sometimes backfire.Yes, using brute force to motivate yourself to be happy is more helpful than despair but i also think determination is more useful than motivation so you need to find a more consistent approach
    This is a really valid point as I found through trial and error. You can say you want to be happy on a surface level and "force" yourself to be happy but that is superficial. I think just gently learning to observe your subconscious and fixing your inherent self esteem is also a valid,sustainable approach.
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    That's why focusing on self-improvement, self-acceptance (where you let your ego go and not let it have any power over you) and stoicism is what every man should do in order to improve his overall quality of life. If you detest, hate or dislike yourself, there won't be any woman, friendships or family members in the world who are capable to save you from that self-image,
    No one but yourself !!
    The more men who try to pursue this glorious and self-sacrificing path will soon be at peace with themselves and realize that their potential is almost unlimited and that they can do (almost) all the things they previously only day-dreamt about. It is many times a painful, lonely and frustrating path to walk along at times, but ultimately the one that will set you, your body, mind and soul free in the long run.

    For those who try to walk the quick-fix route on the other hand, where they let their egos be in control, do instead try to chase women, material possessions, fake (approval-based) friendships and constant validation/approval from others. Since the ego as an entity is never satisfied, it will always crave more of these external sources of validation in order to be satisfied for the moment but satisfied in the long term it will never be.
    Simply, because these external sources of validation is what the ego survives and thrives from. The moment your ego starts to lose its firm grip around your mind and soul, it will cling on for its very life and when it no longer can't, you will be a step closer to real personal freedom.
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    Thank you, Jesus. I receive this message from my brother here on the forums. Amen

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