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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by |Daniel~San|, May 22, 2020.

  1. |Daniel~San|

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    I’m a 15 y/o who is trying to give up fap and I am currently on my eighth day. I created this post because I tend to relapse on my seventh day. I don’t know how much longer I could take. I tell myself everyday not to watch porn but my unconscious only understands “watch porn”. Any advice?
  2. Rav70

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    That's your critical inner voice speaking and not your true self. You know the terrible effects of porn use on the brain.
    Google critical inner voice and see if any of it pertains to you.
    All addicts get those urges and it is important to get your mind off the addiction asap asap by focusing your thoughts elsewhere.
    The thoughts will subside.
    Stay strong and busy
  3. Tonfo

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    Hey man. I am also new to the forum. I totally get how you feel. The first couple weeks of quitting are extremely difficult. Something that has worked for me in the past a couple times is to not focus on the activity that you want to stop doing, but rather focus on something else that you want to dedicate yourself to. For example, learning a new skills like playing piano, solving rubiks cube, origami, a good videogame or book, researching an interesting topic, online course, etc. Try finding something that is really interesting to you and focus on learning or getting better at it. Hope that helps and welcome to the forum!
  4. :)-keepsmiling

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    Hey there,
    All the best for your journey. Keep working on yourself and stay tuned to this forum.
    I hope the best for you!!!

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