I am really confused if masturbation is wrong

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Abzu, Dec 2, 2019.

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    I mean, there are millions of people who fap regularly but still having a normal life and no sense of guilt at all. I know some of them who are my friend on social media. I sometimes wonder if fapping guilt is just an illusion or reality. I mean it might have something to do with our religion or psychology.

    We might be suffering from guilt because we believe it's wrong, dirty or sinful but it might be the only reason and not necessarily it's an evil act. I remember, few years ago i hardly used to feel any guilt for fapping. Then i started suppressing my emotions and sleeping all time that lead me to feel crushing guilt everytime i fapped.

    I truly believe we have something wrong in our thinking process or are stuffed with negative emotions causing us to feel unnecessary guilt regarding this act because according to a research only 8% of people who fap feel guilt about it.
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    Lots of people here think it is wrong. I do not, I think for most people it is healthy. But for porn addicts? I have found that quitting masturbation has helped me stay away from porn. Try it. If after 90 or 180 days reboot you are free from the desire to use porn then you could experiment with going back to masturbation (obviously without porn). This site is all about finding what works for you, what helps you stay clean.
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  3. Discouraged

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    it's cuz you're supposed to be shooting your load in a woman and having children. that was supposed to be a child, your son, your daughter. you were supposed to impregnate a girl and have a baby 9 months later, and 10 years later she or he was supposed to be sitting on your lap, asking you questions about life, she or he was supposed to be the meaning to your life, the thing you get up everyday and work for , build a life for
  4. Xexos

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    I seriously believe that masturbation goes against our nature despite what anyone else says. My proof is really simple, if masturbation is natural we wouldn't feel like shit and ashamed after doing it. BTW i'm not talking about nofappers who relapse and feel ashamed because of failing, but even normal people who don't even know that nofap exists also report feeling shitty after doing it despite what those "studies" claim.

    Also masturbation is not instinctual like food, peeing, fighting and most importantly, sex. If you put a human being inside a room without them learning about anything, they would still be able to have sex depending on instinct alone, but masturbation is different because it's a learnt behavior that we discover throughout our lives.
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    The answer to your question is it depends on the person who is masturbating. If it’s a person with no history of sex/porn addiction who only masturbates on occasion (and not to porn) I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world. (Although there are so many better things you can do with your time). But if you have a porn/sex addiction I don’t think it’s good at all. Just like an alcoholic can’t drink anymore the sex/porn addict can no longer get “high” on masturbation and porn. It sucks. I get it. I used to rationalize MO was like nicotine gum and I needed it to taper off PMO. But it’s more like only smoking a few cigarettes a day and the next thing you know you are back to a pack a day. The morality around it is a totally different conversation.
  6. Masturbation is a normal part of life, especially when one is first discovering sexual feelings and awareness. Having said that, why did I develop it in the fourth grade, which seems kind of young. And why couldn't I grow out of it? Anyway, my personal feeling is go ahead and do it once or twice a month if you really feel you have to. If I absolutely must do it now, I do it in my bed and only if no one is at home. Sure, I want to masturbate to porn, but I can't. Hopefully, that part of my life is over.
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  7. maseh0012

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    We are porn addicts here . i used to fap 3 times a day . no normal person faps 3 times a day . thats why i felt guilt. Because i knew i was fucking my life and i couldnt do anything about it
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  8. maseh0012

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    Agreed . i never paid attention that i learnt masturbation from my cousin long time ago . you made me remember that
  9. recovery_isaac

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    I think it's wrong personally because you're supposed to feel that type of emotion with someone you love. A wife. Then you do it to... I don't know relieve stress or something, and then you feel horrible about yourself because you aren't experiencing it with a lover, you're experiencing it alone in the dark by yourself away from any contact with human beings. And then you realize that the sperm you just wasted could've been used to create a life and start a family, and you wasted it for your own pleasure.

    That being said, I think it's normal for most people to be curious about sexuality and in no way that shouldn't be suppressed, but like a few times out of curiosity when you're just figuring things out is fine, but anybody in their right mind should not masturbate more than like a few times at the beginning of puberty. Anybody on this website trying to make a better life for themselves shouldn't be M'ing at all.

    My opinion and I hope that helps.
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    I agree with isaacgull above and his answer. The thing most guys on here do not understand and or EVEN CARE to is that picking up masturbating again or a guy that continue to have sex four times a week with his girlfriend is still the same as fapping away everything you have in your body.

    People forget the goals of the whole NoFap. It is not only to stop viewing pornography but to stop masturbating to it and begin living your life outside of fantasy and isolation. Finally getting in touch with feelings and working out your problems like a MAN should. You want a girl than be a man and act like one that works, plays a sport, socializes, dresses nice, volunteers, and isn't afraid to start up a conversation with other people. What is the purpose of not fapping anymore and being able to have sex with your girlfriend and still blowing load after load for no reason. HONESTLY, sex is great, but it isn't the only thing and guys say it on here as well all the time. Learn that sex will not last forever and you need to learn to do other things to get through life. Taking Viagra at 60 or 70 and still trying to have sex is the only solace in life at that age is pretty sad. Getting married and having sex, NOW THAT IS doing it right. However, you shouldn't even be indulging in sex that much with your wife unless trying to procreate. Sex should bond a man and woman and shouldn't be the only bonding activity in your relationship. It seems women do not know how to control their drive either and brings the man down with her as well.

    My point is find someone to that will make a great wife and have sex with her in the hopes of passing on a child. Don't make sex a cornerstone of your entire existence because that is what the media, movies, and the elites behind pornography want you to do. Be INVESTED in porn and do nothing else in your life or ruin your marriage as well. So many people have lost so much in life because of pornography and seeing that this liberal idea of just fapping away your balls is a lie to bring down an entire generation of men like it is doing now in America. Then our Government representatives say, "We need to bring in foreigners because white people are not pro creating anymore." Huh..?!?! Really, that is fucked up because if that is the truth then why champion ON DEMAN ABORTION for women and tell them family life sucks and living out dreams and careers is the better life. All lies built into this fucked up system we call reality.
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  11. Suk

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    It's definitely wrong. My views:
    1) so when we are in our puberty and have no sexual experience, we need to have some reference to masturbate...which leads to watching porn. This creates countless addicts and several diseases too.(PIED, ED)
    2) during puberty, your body is in a growing stage and it's one of the most important growing stages, so if you masturbate too much which many of us did, it leads to loss of really important proteins found in Semen. This leads to many problems which we realize later. For example, my penis has increased in length and changed in appearance too after 2 months of retention. It's significant enough to notice too. According to the chinese, one drop of Semen is equal to 10 drops of blood and they are right. There are lots of nutrients in our Semen which is vital for us. Now there are many people who don't ejaculate but just edge, that's also bad as it would damage your penis and desensitize your brain.
    3) I'm not going into morals as that's individual but i really think these points should be taught in schools to kids who are just about to hit puberty so that they can save themselves from really bad outcomes. There are many people on this forum too whose life have been ruined by porn and masturbation.
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  12. Fapping has been around since the stone age. Even one or two of the founding fathers had a moment or two in which to fap. Yet, somehow, America flourished. No one, let alone the act of fapping, is bringing down an entire generation, even those naughty liberals and elites.
  13. BigOne79

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    I doubt masturbating was on the agenda for cavemen, I think they had BETTER things to do. Sorry, your argument doesn't hold water.
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  14. Suk

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    How can you probably know if fapping was around stone age? XD
  15. I'm addicted to masturbation. It made my life worse and ruined some of my relationships. I broke up with two amazing women because I was incapable of seeing them as human beings, but rather just sex objects. I used to masturbate using household objects that I knew my family would also use at some point. Don't go Destiny mode on us, saying shit like "but is it really wrong tho?" The negative effects are obvious to me. Your story may differ.
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  16. clapas

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    When you stop masturbating you realize you don't need to masturbate.

    If you don't need to masturbate then just don't masturbate. There are better things to do.

    If you still want to masturbate it's only because you want that instant gratification.

    Some people here say masturbation is healthy: bullshit. Regular excersise is healthy, a healthy diet is healthy, getting enough sleep is healthy, meaningful relationships is healthy, abstaining from addictions is healthy. What's healthy in masturbation?
  17. The same way I know Donald Trump is fucking moron.
  18. Suk

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    Exactly, even most sites still tell you that masturbation is healthy... They'll give you some examples like:
    Masturbation can actually be good for your health, both mentally and physically. And it's pretty much the safest sex out there — there's no risk of getting pregnant or getting an STD. When you have an orgasm, your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that block pain and make you feel good.
    This is complete BULLSHIT. This is the trap that most young guys fall into. It affects you in all possible ways. These sites should be banned for spreading horribly wrong ideas and schools should bring in how dangerous masturbation can be in Sex ed classes.
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  19. Dagger323

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    What a lame rhetoric. Knowing, or rather, thinking you know whether or not a current politician is an idiot has absolutely no bearing on supposedly knowing what the founding fathers did to pleasure themselves when they were home alone, or whether or not the cavemen fapped one out now and again. LOL.
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  20. As a chronic masturbator, surely you realize that this generation is hardly the first to discover it or have a problem with it. You can find it referred to in ancient texts. Just because those men - "founding fathers" - are portrayed as saints means nothing to me. Look at all those fucking saints who were pedophiles and rapists. Hardly new. People of the stone age were pretty crafty, if you bother to look it up. Yup, it's been around longer than us and will be around much longer. Even the pussy grabber would probably agree.
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