I am under 18 and really need help

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Deleted Account, May 8, 2017.

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    But substances like cocain can damage the brain directly as a toxin I think. I would think you can identify a porn addiction with a brainscan only if you trigger the testperson with porn while scanning.
    It's awesome you can learn neurological therapy from your uncle!
    I think it needs time to change those habits. But even if struggle and you can't change yourself as you want, it will not be in vain. Sometimes in life you suddenly learn something, have a breakthrough, change completly and you don't even understand why.
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    I'm glad you have made it to NoFap and have begun your journey.
    Your next step is to create your official journal. Go to the Reboot Logs and find your age group and begin a thread which is your journal. Copy/ paste a link here so that we can follow your journey and continue to encourage you.
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    If you trust your uncle, open up to him man to man. Tell him you live him and need his professional help. Ask him to keep it confidential as that is a part of his profession. I bet he will understand I also bet he loves you.
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    I think you are safe on the brain scan. You may have been using fairly heavily, but you hadn't been doing it for decades. ;)

    How long your reboot takes depends on a variety of variables.
    On the take longer side, you started young, and you have some family childhood issues.
    On the finish faster side, you seem to be taking it seriously, you seem to be socially connected, and you seem capable of making good decisions.
  5. I think you are right about the cocaine. But the brain scan would show that my brain has some addiction. I definitely think it will take time for me to change my habits but I am so excited to. The happiness I feel from trying to break this addiction I want others to feel too. I have so much respect for everyone in nofap and I hope more and more people find a way to get out.
  6. I've been doing it for about 5 years. I think it would show up as an addiction in my brain scan. I would have to fill out a file of some sorts but my uncle would have to keep it confidential. I am definitely working towards the fast side. I can't wait to be clean. I love the happiness that comes from really trying to stop.
  7. I almost have. The nervous feeling I get before I tell him overcomes me. I think it would be best but I am having a really hard time telling him. If it seems I am making no progress, that is definitely my next resort.
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    It's interesting that you guys have brought up hardcore drugs and alcohol up in this thread. I think the 12-step programs used to help those who are addicted to those substances can be used to help those addicted to pmo, I think.
  9. I agree with you, but the 12 step program only can help certain people, meaning not everyone can break their habit with that program. I personally couldn't. When I found this website I was ecstatic to see if it worked. Today is my second day off pmo in almost a year. I really love this website and I hope that others will discover it and use it.
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    Now would be a great time to create an official journal. Go to the Reboot Logs and find your age group and begin your journal. Copy/ paste a link to your journal here so others can find your journal and encourage you along your journey.

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