I am worried about going to prison.

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    So I found some femdom twitter account, and made an order for a chastity device. I decided it wouldn't be a good idea and cancelled it. She refused to refund me, so I searched the name she gave me and found her facebook account, I then messaged some people asking them to contact her because I brought a chastity device off her and she refused to send or refund it, now I worried because I contacted them I will go to prison for breach of privacy. Am I fucked?
  2. No not really. I don't think there is no law against finding someone on fb. At least not in america.
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    I’m confused? How could you go to jail for looking her up in a public social domain such as Facebook and you simply messaged asking for your money back.

    Now did you threaten her or harass her in any way? That sure would be a different story.
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    There is nothing wrong in contacting someone on fb until you didn't hack their accounts of course :). So keep calm, there is nothing to worry about. Considering how our ,,democratic'' system works I wouldn't be surprised if someone is actually doing time for something like this at this exact moment :). It has always surprised me how a democracy can resemble complete anarchy. About 50 years ago USA was nothing but a racist superpower which it still is in my opinion only that it's not on the surface and therefore not so obvious. I read some interesting articles about it on https://www.becomeopedia.com/corrections-officer/ check them out.
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