I beat it. Yes I did.

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  1. I beat it because I wanted it enough.
    Because I tried a lot.
    Because I dedicated my whole self to it.
    Because I replaced it with useful activities.
    Because I realised the EXTREME harm it provokes.
    Because God helped me and continues to do so.
    Because I wanted a family , I want to respect my woman and be respected.
    Because I wanted a healthy body and mind.
    Because I wanted to feel free and confident.
    Because I wanted to feel like a real man.
    Because I didnt want to tag myself as a dirty wanker anymore.
    Because I got tired of feeling like the lowest of the lowest.
    Because I got tired of objectifying women.
    Because I wanted to experience life the way it supposed to be experienced.
    Because I wanted my brain to work in optimal parameters and not be messed up by some damn addiction.
    Because I DIDNT WANTED TO HELP SUSTAIN PORN anymore by watching it.
    Because I wanted to be able to respect women.
    Because I realised sexual pleasure should be only experienced with my other half, that I love.
    Because I wanted more time to do other important things ,rather than standing in a corner with my hands in my pants and my eyes on a screen.

    Because I made this my most wanted achievement and thrown my honor in the game. And I care , a lot , about honor.
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    Hats off to you man! Bloody awesome post ! Keep rolling and become the man of your dreams!!
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  5. Thanks man. And I will continue rolling, oh yes I will. Many things to accomplish.
  6. Those are some really inspiring reasons to end PMO. Congratulations and keep moving forward.
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  7. Thank you. I am happy I can inspire others.
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  9. I ve actually seen one of the Terminator movies yesterday haha.
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    Cool, it's way to go :D The most important thing is to not forget that urges may backstab you, you must be ready always to withstand them.
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  11. I m always ready for that. I encounter them at times, but I am able to control them. Im just too motivated and aware to step in that trap again. Its just too important for me..
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  12. Those are the reasons we all are fighting for..
    Good job my friend, You are an inspiration, This gave me more motivation to keep going forward.
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  13. That is so true my friend. There are 0 benefits of porn and masturbation! Yet those( porn and such) still are going on , and damn well too...Its like something / someone is sustaining this dark industry.I m just so glad I woke up, I couldn't be more grateful.
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  14. Yes. Lets fight for them, and reach them too. Good luck my friend! Succeed!
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    I'm a huge for of yours MR! Congrats on your continued success!
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    I love your resilience. You deserve it!
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    Congrats man, amazing work.

    Just be careful about believing you've got it all under control. That's how people get soft, and that's how they end up relapsing. Pride comes before a fall.

    I know a guy in my SAA group who's taken a 5-year chip on three different occasions ... meaning that three times he had over 1500 days of sobriety, and then lost it. When I heard that, it scared the s*** out of me. Today, I'm far too aware of how clever this addiction can be.

    May we always be diligent and never let our guard down under the belief that we've got it licked.
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    Despite knowing that reminding ourselves of the many reasons for quitting PMO is helpful, I have never made a list of my reasons for stopping. I appreciate you posting this thread listing all of your "whys" for overcoming this addiction.
    I am inspired to make a list of my own now, and will start by borrowing from your list here.
    Thanks again
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    Great job. Keep going!
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  20. Thanks for reminding. I ll stay alert . Its just so important for me!

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