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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by We CAN Do This!, May 7, 2018.

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    Could you buy a diary and use it as a personal-motivator. I have one and it's great to look back on all the pages I have not PMO'd or had any resets. Think I read somewhere you have higher chances of achieving a goal if you write it down/keep a memo of it.
  2. First of all, kudos to your efforts mate. So many people come here and make relapses and never return back. The fact that you are here for a couple of years and trying to make a change is worth applause. You are so much better than people who end up deleting their accounts or never show activity in their profiles.
    Second, it's amazing that you could hold this demon for 30 days. Had you been able to do that if you had never discovered this site? What were you doing in those days? How did it feel during that period?

    Okay. This doesn't sound good. Have you ever tried to consider on why is this happening? Are you alone? Don't you have any accountability partner to talk to? What were you doing before the lust conquered you?
    Why don't you maintain a diary and write your relapses report in it and find some pattern. Why not to fix that issue? Why not to just go out and take a long walk if the urges hit you hard?

    If you listen to, listen this. Suppose I give you a geometrical problem without giving you any sort of knowledge on the topic. Would you be ever able to succeed in solving it even if you make 100 attempts? The answer would be a certain no. You can't solve it.
    It's my first attempt on nofap and I am going to touch a 90 sooner. How?
    It's simple. Unless you don't increase your awareness and get acquainted with your enemy, you won't be able to win over it. Mere willpower won't do any good. So please, spend some time reading about porn addiction on sites like this. Know how masturbation affects you by reading an ebook on the topic. Watch some videos on the topic and make notes. Better you know yourself and your enemy, more easier it is to defeat him each time. And if you can't even get serious about raising your awareness about your enemy, you ain't serious about doing it. Think about this.
    For relapses, feel free to check out this post. It may be helpful for you.

    All the best mate .I loved your fighting spirit. This beautiful life is indeed fighting for. Reach out to me for any help. Take care :)

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