I cannot stop watching hot girls

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by selfimprovemarcel, Oct 26, 2021.

  1. selfimprovemarcel

    selfimprovemarcel Fapstronaut

    I think my number 1 addiction is watching pics of girls. The fact that it is just so easily available and seems so innocent first hand makes it very hard to get off of it. Ive been abstaining from MO for almost a week rn but ive still been watching pics of girls about 15 minutes a day.
    Do you guys think ive even made progress now?
    P.S i still get that dopamine rush when seeing a good pic, so its definitely feeding my dopamine receptors.
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  2. Improv3r

    Improv3r Fapstronaut

    What I noticed for myself is that around the 7-8th day I stop seeing images of girls abnormally hot!
    I acknowledge they are hot but not as I did before ready to bust a nut.
    The dopamine rush was kinda negated and I didn't even have the urge to do it. I only did look when I notice one accidentally during scrolling on the Internet.
    And that's normal because us men are visual creatures. But if you specifically take 15 minutes of your day to look at them you have to get that out of your system and stop.
    Accidents will occur but don't make it a habit.
  3. rachitmunjal

    rachitmunjal New Fapstronaut

    Hi man,
    I am also doing same thing and masterbating but I eventually left porn websites more than 4 months but still masterbating by sexual thoughts and stories. I know that It is very difficult to stop that urge like me but we both try to distract ourselves when we get urges and also you can open an option to hide explicit results in Google settings which will not show anything if you search porn pics and videos but you will be able to read sex stories like I read.
  4. IGY

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    NoFap Defender

    Sex stories = porn.
  5. jw2021

    jw2021 Fapstronaut

    For me, I can't negotiate with this stuff. I have tried tapering off for years and it didn't work. I've tried looking at P with no M but that didn't work either. I had to make a firm decision to quit completely.
  6. WildEntheology

    WildEntheology Fapstronaut

    Are you doing the 15 minutes all at once? What apps are you using?
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  7. Chug

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    Sometimes NoFap has to happen gradually. You’re plateauing at the “looking at images” because your brain sees it as “not as bad as porn”. So now you have to wean yourself off of that dopamine rush from the pictures. You need to find another thing that gives you a dope hit that *isn’t* pictures. Play some shoot-em-up games. Beat the crap out of a punching bag. Listen to death metal and bang your head and play air guitar when you feel the urge. Watch that car chase scene from Fast and Furious that you love. Anything. Start associating the dope hit with something else.
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  8. Buddhism Is True

    Buddhism Is True Fapstronaut

    One of the mistakes a lot of men make, young men in particular, when they try to break their porn habit is that they confuse sexual desire with looking at porn. Your sexual desires aren't ever going to go away. NoFap is about learning how to harness those desires you can express them properly. Looking at pictures probably isn't going to help you do that but don't beat yourself up or worry about it. If you are only looking for fifteen minutes or so each day you should be able to turn your attention elsewhere.
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  9. selfimprovemarcel

    selfimprovemarcel Fapstronaut

    I have a screentime of 15 minutes for instagram, i keep it that way because i still want to check my friends posts, but dont want to relapse with it. But it turned into a habit to wait for the 15 minutes, go on instagram and just search up accounts, get a high and block them after.
  10. SurudRump

    SurudRump New Fapstronaut

    I understand. Hot girls are like magnetite for my view
  11. WildEntheology

    WildEntheology Fapstronaut

    Okay I'd just delete instagram then and block it. If you can't use it yet without falling back into looking at hot girls. I have instagram open and I have no issues with looking up hot girls. 5 years ago...definitely a different story. I just couldn't use it without looking up hot girls, as you are now. Give yourself some time to recovery and then bring instagram back for even 5 minutes a day. Make the commitment that you won't use it for hot girls. If you succeed, maybe extend it for a bit longer.

    Also make sure before you delete it you go through the explore feed and click, "don't show me this," or whatever it is, every time you see a hot girl on it. You can completely clean your explore of any sexual content if you do this. Do it now and then delete the app so that when you pick it back up your explore will already be clean and you'll be less likely to see a bunch of hot girls there when you get back.

    If you feel resistance to deleting instagram ask yourself what is more important to you, seeing a bunch of silly posts from friends or beating this addiction?
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