I can't believe my erectile dysfunction is cured. This is what happened..

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by keroghee, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. keroghee

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    Six months ago I had sex for the first time in my life and it was one of the worst things the ever happened.

    I'm 23 years old, been constantly (like really constantly) fapping for 10 years. Probably this was the main reason why I never really felt like Im missing something. I never knew that porn and sex is different. I'm very healthy and fit. I swim twice a week and lift weights 5 times a week.

    This day I had sex, or tried to, I was happy making out, but not horny. I figured out that my dick isn't going anywhere. Its just sitting there as if I'm watching a movie or chilling in a bar. I had all the bad feelings a man can ever get. I didn't know why this is happening. This is the day I started reading about PIED on nofap.

    I made an excuse of being drunk, and next day I bought some pills. It went fine, my dick was up but I didn't feel the euphoria I used to feel when I watched porn.. It took long time to come, specially with a condom. She liked it, but I didn't. I knew that porn fucked me up, and I need to fix myself.

    I don't wanna write too many details, but I can say that I was totally cured in 4 months. I believe the reason why it took me too long is that I started from no erection at all to amazing ones, plus, I used to have sex with pills (which broke the no-pmo-fast-recovery way). The proof is that in the second month, she travelled for 25 days, and she surprised me by coming back, so I wasnt prepared. I had some issues making it, but I actually managed to have sex. Also on the 4th month, she left for 3 weeks, and when she came back, we had amazing sex. That night, I almost cried afterwards. I was so happy. Like I felt like a man again.

    During the last 3 months, I've been having constant great sex like any normal 23 should.

    Quitting porn was the hardest and the best decision I ever took in my life.

    I owe this community everything. No words can express my gratitude for all of you guys for sharing your experiences and knowledge. I used to come here every now and then just to keep myself motivated and I just realized that I didn't say thank you!

    Thank you guys. Thank you very much :)
  2. kenmonkey123

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    Awesome testimony dude! I hope to be like you in a couple months as well! Can't wait man!
  3. I Free I

    I Free I Guest

    I love these stories ! this is what happens when you discipline yourself and fight hard against your addictions... anything is possible and just by you sharing with us your success, your giving many people hope, including myself, on sticking with NoFap. This is not a challenge anymore, It's a lifestyle.

    Appreciate your words...
    ~ Namaste ~
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  4. FappieChan

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    Wooooooo That is great man I'm so happy for you! Its a hard journey but the results are definitely worth it my brother! We're around the same age and I am at 3 1/2 months on my no PMO streak, you just gave me the motivation to keep going, Thank You :D
  5. Tommy_0113

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    I'm just over half way to 90 days. Great story mate!

    What pills did you use? How did they work when you couldn't feel aroused though? I thought they only worked if you felt horny.

    Was your reboot hard mode? Sorry for all the questions.
  6. PieLover

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    Thanks for the motivating words!
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  7. keroghee

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    Go for it man! Stay strong and trust me its closer than you think!
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  8. keroghee

    keroghee Fapstronaut

    Ill tell you what, I believe its all about adapting my mind to get aroused. Like, as long as you're getting erections while sleeping/watching porn, then its all in your mind.

    This is how I worked on making my mind like it:

    - First of all, I obviously strictly without one relapse, quit porn. I wanted to give my mind the space to only think about real girls and not some 3d shit. I did however fap once or twice, but without porn. I remember that day my balls were really hurting and I felt like I cant sleep. So I just fapped. It felt okay, but I was still happy I didnt watch porn. I fantasized about the girl Im already sleeping with, and it was more than enough. I didnt feel like fapping again for weeks and weeks. Not like porn, I could've wanted to fap again next day if I watched porn. And I knew that the problem is not the MO, its the damn P.

    - Then I got the v ED pills, I cant write their name, it keeps saying that its a restricted word. Having a pill made it easier for my dick to stand up. Like, while I was having sex, I worked hard on really enjoying, just thinking of enjoying, not worrying about my dick or whatever, and the pill does the rest of the job. However, I didnt need the pill that much after 3 weeks of no PMO. I just didnt feel confident to start without a pill. It was not so fun, I mean, I can be inside her, and still not so happy. I believe going hard mode for some weeks makes you miss it, so you'll end up enjoying it more. 45 days is a great record, Im pretty sure you'll be absolutely fine if you made it to the 90!

    However, if you wanna know, I started taking the 50mg one. I was too much, I could feel the blood pressure getting really high, but I was not comfortable taking less. Another good thing about the 50 is that it lasts long. Like, I could take one at night, and when I wake up in the morning while she's sleeping next to me, I can easily get an erection again. It was all psychic. It lasts up to 4 hours, but I wake up with the morning erection + confidence from the night before, so it works.

    You wont probably need a pill if you made it to the 90. I think you might not need one already. No PMO makes you crave sex. When I stayed 3-4 weeks no PMO, I had a damn crazy erection man. I even wasnt thinking of her, I was just thinking of the progress I made. I felt so mannish! Felt stronger than ever man, I truly wish everyone can experience this. Porn fucked us up, but Im glad we knew where our problem is, what we need to do now is to stick to the solution. I did, and you can do too man.

    If you want an advice here, be confident. When you have sex, only think about how great this is. You need to fantasize while being with her. Think of how good she is and how kissing her is damn great! Dont just think about your dick and having an intercourse, it will come! Just think about the current situation, feel the kiss man, keep touching her like you really want her. The erection comes when you dont have any doubts! Just be confident that you made a good record, and that your dick will be there for you! Its all about confidence man, man sure you'll easily make it, and it will happen.

    Just stay clean man! Stay motivated. No PMO, and you're fine! If you dont have a chance to have sex, and youre thinking about relapsing, go for a MO without P like once and forget about it again. I really dont even think about it now man. Yea sometimes I do when im like homealone bored to death, but I can always find anything else to do, and you can too!

    Dont be sorry about asking man, I owe this community a lot. I hope I can be of help to everyone :)
  9. Alex Bee

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    Yeah, this is the best and hardest decision for me too. I had many emotions that just came out of nowhere, I'm still struggling with it, but I'm getting along quite well.
  10. keroghee

    keroghee Fapstronaut

    Tell me about it..

    I believe the heavy amounts of testosterone and the lack of orgasms just leave you with the "something is missing" feeling. But yea, I did read it as "someone is missing" too.

    I know it made me have some wrong emotions, yours are not necessarily wrong too. You obviously see things clearer when you are not "horny", but maybe being "horny" as a result of not having a partner is a natural thing. It drives you to go and find one.

    I think the fact that I was quitting on a very big thing gave me a lot of control on my thoughts. I feel like Im not more responsible on what I do. I still need to keep training myself to have more control on the new (beasty) me.
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  11. FURPY

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  12. omskool

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    I know mine definitely is psychological but it’s getting difficult for me to have sex now as soon as I am about to do Intercourse I looked my boner and the weird part is that I have had sex a couple of times before this problem has started to arise and I am super stressed about it and don’t know how to go about it this is really shocking to me as earlier prior this problem I was having sex pretty much successfully and now I haven’t fapped since almost 24 days but do you think is it gonna help? How can I get rid of that psychological barrier as the moment I am about to have sex I get thisthought that last time I wasn’t able to do it and will I be hard enough prior to this issue I never got such fucking silly thoughts that am u ghonnabe HARD enough and shit but now I am getting such thoughts so please HELP ME!!!!

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