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    I Can't Control it. I'm trying and trying and have been trying for 8 years now, but I always allow my self to fall into the addiction. Its has taken over my life, and I want it back. It's not the enjoyment of the porn; it's the split-second of climax the heavy guilt. I can convince myself it's ok its reasonable but its not. I can declare, "I NEED TO STOP!" "THIS IS NOT WHO I AM" but as soon as I get a moment I go for it without remorse until it's over. It's like a drug it's addictive, it takes over your life and has substantial side effects, I want this to end, but within a day or two I will get a feeling, and I'm back to zero. I scare my self with this addiction and the guilt anxiety that it has it taking a toll on my health and my quality of life. I want this to end but I can't get my head to agree. PMO addiction is that never wish upon anyone but I hope I can try again and hope to break this addiction that is a curse.
  2. Yes you can! Stop saying you can't control yourself. If you keep telling yourself you can't control yourself you'll never live a porn free life. You have to spend less time online, less time isolated, less time sitting around. You need to get your behind up and fight this. If you keep saying you'll never make it... Guess what, You never will. You have to keep telling yourself you'll quit this no matter what it takes. Hop into a cold shower, meditate, do anything. But do not relapse. No one ever said this would be easy. You're gonna have to fight and face harsh consequences, I'm currently facing a lot of emotional backlash as my addict craves porn. If you really want a porn free life you're gonna have to fight those urges instead of giving up at the first sign of trouble. Good luck on your journey.
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    Thanks that is what I needed. There are things in my life that i need to change. That slap in the face is just want I needed thanks
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    I go through the same thing.... When I get that moment I am so horny without remorse until its over, then I smash my head against the wall saying to myself, I'm an idiot, I'm a loser, Why did I just do this...
  5. Happens to me too brother. I am so happy and so confident without porn in my life. I give in to that 5 minute pleasure and my life is filled with doubt, remorse, and hopelessness. We can't give up happiness for pleasure. We have to fight because the quality of our lives depends on the outcome of this battle.
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    A powerful industry is manipulating us - and ruthlessly exploiting some hard-wiring in the male brain - to turn us more and more into sexual and emotional robots, only capable of achieving sexual fullfilment in a room with a computer, alone.

    Don't let them, keep up the good fight!
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    First thing you need to do is change your mindset, "I Can't Control it."

    Get your thinking right! You can control it.

    You are in control of your hands, not the other way round.

    The main question is will you control your thoughts? It starts and ends there.

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    Hey brother, just try to open up a book about something that interests you, listen to music, play video games, go outside, or whatever, when you feel like you have to open up a porn website.

    Hope this helps..
    Keep me updated, best of luck.
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  9. Well, siting and complaining hire will give you advise, but you must act against it, go outside and just close your eyes several minutes untill the urge disapears

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