I cant decide about her

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  1. Any women fapstronauts could help to understand whats going on in her mind
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    She just told you she liked you indirectly. Not many people will actually admit they like you directly
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  3. What say leo da king was pretty interesting , soo the first think to check is ''Yourself'' ( REALY IMPORTANT )
    But let assume that she is realy in your ''personnal area'' ( why did she do it ? she is confortable with you , or something else ?)

    Lets see what you did -->
    ok here , i think its a HUGE missunderstanding because SHE take it ''personal'' , ( its pretty much if you say to her ''i dont like you'' ... but in fact it was more ''i like you but this atitude made me unconfortable )

    But that dosnt mean that your way was right , there is a lot of good way to ''correct'' this kind of comportement
    What i recommand is to present excuse ,And do as if you are 100% responsible ( you hurt her feeling :( )
    Trust me , but dont say '' i am sorry but you always do ''that'' and i CANT handle it , i dont like it ..... )
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  4. well do.i need to ? But i said the truth right,I said i like her but this closeness is uncomfortable for me.
  5. Man and woman dosnt work the same way :)
    For a MAN what he say mean exactly what he mean xD ( i think its funny , but i realy like this ''logic'' its realy practical )
    In that way you did pretty well , your intention was good and sincere and that what is really important <3
    but it didnt work ( you hurt her feeling ) , and you have to take responsability for that ( i know that you are a good guy so just think about it , and dont let ego ruin everything )

    Excuse is realy powerfull if its sincere and 100% :) just try it ( you have a lot to win , and i know what i am talking about)

    humm lets try this ( i dont realy know everything , but i realy want to make an example ,)

    I just want to say sorry if i hurt your feeling , its was not my intent at all , i realy like you and i want to stay friend with you

    you can talk about the ''thing'' ( or not , because you already told her , BUT if you do i want you to take responsability so for example ) = i feel uncofortable when people are too close to me , ( HERE its only about YOU not her !! thats what is important)
  6. Bro,
    First the girl likes you. Big time likes you so you're obviously not as ugly as you think.

    Second, she's probably nervous as shit since she's been coming onto you so strong and you haven't been responding. Naturally she's going to "laugh it off" when you ask her if she likes you.

    It's great that your parents instilled such great morals that you respect women's feelings and don't want to objectify them. However, talking to a girl, going on a date and even dating a girl is not "using" her. You don't have to marry her (unless you plan on doing things like they do in the old country).

    You obviously find her attractive b/c you're getting aroused when she brushes against you. How well do you know her? Hqv you had conversations with her?

    Maybe you need to give this gal some due diligence before you write her off. You're diacomfort may come from not knowing her.
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    Dude I had the same experience with a girl back in middle school. She basically showed those signs and I could tell she was into me. And we were close and good friends. But I was an idiot and blew any chance at a relationship. I acted just how you did. And I lost my chance at something good. If you truly don't like her then be upfront. Take the opportunity, her to know her more and become closer with her. That'll help you determine if you want to actually be in a relationship with her or not and not play these games and take things to the next level.
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    Step 1. Quit PMO. Become the best version of yourself you can be.

    Step 2. Don't overthink it.
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