I cant get aroused by girls anymore, am I gay/bisexual(I want to kill myself)?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by zuzu123, Mar 27, 2019.

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    You'll get there overtime.
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    Hi 'zu !

    Just checking in. How are you doing ?

    one day at a time is how we all succeed.
  3. zuzu123

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    Well I relapsed three days straight last week. I watched all kinds of porn lesbian, gay, hetero to see my arousal and test my sexuallity. From neither I got an erection. Although I found heterosex most enjoyable. I fine myself looking at people and search for attractive people, both males and females. It doesnt really do anything for me. Although it feels weird looking at men and get uncomfortable, idk if that says anything. I think I developed an ocd. Seems like I acutally got more stimulated/aroused with real sex with a woman than with porn. Well my plan is to no pmo now again. Although next week I see my gf again. Im kinda nervous l, mainly how the sex will be. Well first of all if there will be sex at all. I feel no libido at all. I feel asexual. She going to question for sure...
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    hey guys i’m getting worried . ok when i was watching tv these people came up and stuff they were men and stuff and wasn’t thinking sexually or anything but my penis grew a tad bit but it wasn’t arousal . is this normal ? should i worry ? or is this not normal ? and ive been addicted to pine for like 6 years but i’m on day 17
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    I have similar situation. Sissy porn fucked my brain and penis now makes me crazy. Think about it as a penis-fetish. I do not think you are gay, you would know it much earlier
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    hi 'zu !

    That can happen during noFAP. Read about "flatline". Not to worry, flatlines start and stop all by themself. There is no need for worry and surely no need to "test" to make sure your body will work - because it WILL, so don't test !

    You know what you NEED to do to heal. None of the above suggestions will work unless you implement them. Next move is yours. Make it a smart one !

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.

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