I cant get my eyes off women

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by anony mous, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. anony mous

    anony mous Fapstronaut

    No idea where to post this, hopefully here is the right location.

    I love to look at real women. like its uncontrollable i FUCKING LOVEEE it like the - and excuse the graphics- curves and body of women is just too good to be resistible. Theyre petite and soft i like it too much. I try not to stare and make a conscious effort to avoid staring but i probably end up staring anyway. Any idea why this is happening?
    please dont say approach them cause that causes another problem for another thread
  2. Maybe with porn addiction you have learnt to objectify women?
  3. anony mous

    anony mous Fapstronaut

    this is happening recently and only happens when im off nofap. Otherwise, im kinda indifferent
  4. Oh
    Even I've had this problem. The times I went more than a week, I started to objectify girls a lot.
    I was pretty much out of control.
  5. Gods_Warrior_Vet

    Gods_Warrior_Vet New Fapstronaut

    I'm still facing this issue... It's really hard. I find keeping active or distract ice helps.
  6. redclover

    redclover Fapstronaut

    Maybe I'm against the stream here, but I think looking at woman sexually is perfectly normal and part of a healthy sexuality. Women's body is pleasant to the male eyes and desiring it should not be considered wrong per se. I think there's too much obsession with the "objectifying" of women, as if the natural sexual drive of men was somehow morally wrong (I think I know where this is coming from)

    Anyway, I think that the fact that you are experiencing this precisely when doing NoFap is a good sign. Porn reduces your appetites for real women, for real experiences, for real sex, otherwise you are, as you say, indifferent. Work on your self-control but please don't feel guilty for what is natural and healthy.
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  7. magicplayer123abc

    magicplayer123abc Fapstronaut

    I think you just acknowledge the desire and move on.. for me the goal is to not need a woman whether I want one or not is another matter.
  8. Stoic

    Stoic Fapstronaut

    because you are not gay??

    Its not bad to looking at woman but if you find some girl really attractive you have to talk to her, instead of fapping to your computer
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  9. double_a

    double_a Guest

    I don't think its bad, just acknowledge it and move on. Try not to obsess and think about it too much. Otherwise you are feeding the addiction and the dopamine levels rise.
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  10. anony mous

    anony mous Fapstronaut

    Alright thank you guys so much for your input. It's kinda wonderful how easily It is for me to notice women now and my love for them. When I fap I just don't care

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