I cant go further then 5 days. Seeking guidance

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  1. Varu

    Varu Fapstronaut

    Hello Fellow Fapstronauts
    I am not able to hold after 5 days. Which is achieved in a struggle itself. When I do achieve the 5 days mark, I relapse so hard that forget loosing I go negative the progress I made. I am student, and we all are stuck in self-quarantine which invites indulging in the digital world and eventually falling hard due to relapsing.

    I did hear about the Dopamine Detox but I believe I can't go all out hardcore. Anybody who is following the detox and gradually increasing their difficulty, I can easily go through the detox of staying away from digital means for a day though.

    Also, the most important part is how do I cross this 5 day mark and extend it to 10 days? Shall I increase exercising to two times a day that did make me feel good.
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  2. Stan_9

    Stan_9 Fapstronaut

    Just play pubg man all the time man. I know it'll be like replacing one addiction with another but i think pubg or any other games which can take our mind off it is better than fucking porn man really.
    And meditate with exercise it will really help trust me.
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  3. Stick_shift

    Stick_shift Fapstronaut

    Might be a later reply but anyway...

    I am on a similar experience, day 3-7 I had extreme urges and blue balls. Observing it has decreased on day 7 and onward. Personally engaging into another addictive activity is not a good idea. Try to engage in some physical activity/exercise, that will keep your mind to a more constructive path. Believe me as you resist more, it also help push self discipline in lot other aspects of your life.

    I suggest try an incremental, When on day 5 just try hard to extend 1-2 more days, even if you relapse your personal resistance has increased and will boost in your next reset cycle. don't think it like a negative progress.

    Hope this helps!

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