I can't seem to get past the 7-day mark

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  1. (Possible triggers?) Hello again nofap. I'm a 19 year old guy and i started nofap a couple of years ago, and since then i've made significant improvements, but i can't get past this plateau i've reached.

    When i started nofap i did PMO 2-3 times EVERY DAY. I started working on reducing it, and it got better, slowly but surely. Now i do PMO about once every week. I wouldn't say that P destroys my image of females or messes up my sex drive or anything like that, since even thinking about kissing a girl gives me a Harrelson. (It might be worth mentioning that i'm a virgin, but by choice. I have several female friends and have had something going on with a couple of them)

    I want to quit P all together, and tolerate MO (but i want to avoid it), for religious reasons, and that i feel significantly better and less depressed and more confident when I avoid PMO.

    The problem is getting past the 7-day mark. After about 3 days i start to get rather strong urges, but as long as i keep myself busy they are no problem. But almost always after 7 days the urges get so incredibly strong that i can do PMO for like a couple of hours sometimes. It's bad. How can i fix this?
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    Hey bro I also started quitting slowly by every week to once a week but then I didn't feel accomplished about it so I quitted for good. And same for me I didn't image girls badly in any way or so even If i watched porn and I quitted also for religious reasons. Youre question is that the urges comes in after a few weeks? As I far as I can tell the urges will come you're body is craving for it just like drugs, you have to fight it or just stay busy simple right? Lol
  3. One thing I've noticed along my journey is you have to stop paying so much attention to days. Keep track of your time off PMO but don't peek at which day you're on. As far as your reasoning for this, it has to come deep within you. Every time you feel an urge creeping in, start thinking about why you're doing this, what you want to see improved in your life, and then start thinking about what your life will continue to look like if you don't quit this today. At that moment of urge take action, don't just stand there waiting for relapse to happen, you already know the outcome, you know if you repeat the pattern you will relapse. You know you will feel like shit afterwards and your life will continue to look the same.

    Use a journal for this:
    • Make a list of your triggers and methods which you could use to counter them.
    • Make a list of why you're doing this.
    • Write out and imagine what your life will continue to look like if you keep doing this.

    This is an addiction and you will not get rid of it with wishful thinking, if you want change you need to take action. It won't be easy, but trust me, it will be worth it.

    I got these methods from a bootcamp I started recently, check it out, its completely free and it works.
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  4. From my experience the urges die down significantly after the first week. I would set smaller goals for yourself, and try to motivate yourself in other ways (working out, getting schoolwork done, etc.).

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