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Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Formysanity, Jun 11, 2019.

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    I have been staying away from porn for the passed couple weeks and I have only masturbated using my imagination. I met a girl that was into me and was willing to have sex. (Just as a little back story i have had sex wit 2 other girls before this one and I either lost my erection or couldn’t finish I believe this is either due to my porn addiction or marijuana use) The first time i was around her i was very ready to engage in intercourse. But she was on her period and made me wait. After about 4 days of rescheduling i was not masturbating in hopes to finally release my sexual urges with her.. she canceled on me again and I finally gave in and masturbated with my imagination. The next day she tells me to come and have sex. I was nervous because i felt i have just reset myself the day before and wouldn’t be able to preform. She gets me in her bed and she gives me oral and as soon as she turns around for me to penetrate I become soft... she tries to get me erect again but i was getting even more soft. I leave in embarrassment. Does this mean that have yet to reboot my sex drive ? I am yet to enjoy sex since I became active. I am 19 and i afraid i never will can someone offer any advice?
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    Man, why do you masturbate if you can't stay erect with real girls? Quit masturbation, you'll not have this kind of problems again.
    Thats exactly what happened to me.
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  3. Dizzy Lotus

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    I guess this is not advice you want, but why do you want to have sex when you're not even in a permanent relationship?
  4. Formysanity

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    Im not able to jump into a relationship without the sex tbh.
  5. Formysanity

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    I only masturbate because I don’t have regular girls in my life
  6. Brown Boy

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    for this time, its probably flatline bcoz of not masturbating for a while and for ur backstory it could be bcoz of ur addictions
  7. Kipp

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    Yeah for now it could be flatline.
    I'm 21 and i have gone trough the same path.
    Sometime, in a period of masturbation you have libido, then you quit and your body feels lost, then wait, they could be little flatline, happened to me the same way.

    What i noticed is that if i don't reach orgasm for like 7 days, i start getting rock solid erections, maybe too many, and no one would say i have pied.
    Then i have sex and O, my erections gets softer and softer the next few days.
    Is this still pied? I would instead bet about stuff like semen retention, it seem concerned more to hormonal levels, modified by O.

    Anyway with semen retention i guess you are gonna get high quality erections, and you at least could have random sex like 4 times per month.
    When you get a gf it starts to be easier, cause your brain will get used to have sex with her, and most important: random sex is full of pressure.

    I can have sex with my gf like everyday, but for instance without semen retention i can't have one night stands.
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  8. Klici

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    As others say, you should quit masturbation (with your imagination too)
    I've got some help with magic pills at the beginning. So happy I've found "GET365VCL" :) in Google, and got V* . Good luck.
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