i cant stop relapse

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    sorry for my bad English
    I started nofap 8 months ago but I can't stop falling back.
    I have no friends. I have recently moved to Italy (I'm Brazilian) and I don't know anyone, I don't have a girlfriend so I spend whole days at home sometimes.
    I do a lot of exercises from the age of 16 I often go out running and I like it a lot ... lately not much because I go to the gym.
    I've never had any problems doing exercises
    but I'm not here to talk about this.
    I'm spoiled in pornography
    I masturbate from the age of 14 but from the age of 6 I was already touching private parts but I didn't know masturbation I always had a huge desire to have sex with a girl just thinking I was really aroused even at a young age
    today I am 22 years old and I understand that I have a serious problem this drug is destroying my life and I don't want this rubbish in my life.
    I need car I tried NoFap and the maximum I managed to stay without pmo is 30 days after that I had a relapse after 15 and after 15 again and then I can no longer stay 4 days without.
    after 10 15 days I feel weird I start thinking about my ex girlfriend and I just feel my mind starts telling me (but why are you doing this you go masturbating that will pass) I go to the bathroom and ruin everything and I have to start again. during the 30 days of nofap I had two wet dreams and it seemed to me that afterwards it was more difficult to continue nofap I felt more desire still to have sex
    I often read your stories and I feel sad because I feel like it's impossible to get to 90 days I can't even go by 30.
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