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    hey so uh im new in this whole nofap thing, im just starting today to be honest. I cant stop getting these urges i need some advice on what to do to avoid these urges. Ive tried looking through so many websites yet none helped. I just need some real actual advice that worked before. Thanks
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    You cant stop urges.
    Its natural, healthy.
    You need to find your personal strategy how to deal with urges.
    Your own experience is the key.
    Nobody can help you with that.

    The usual strategy is:
    - cold shower
    - push ups or whatever physical exercise
    - walking
    - turning off devices, stop random browsing
    - watch youtube vids
    - find your reason why

    I only wish I could follow these fucking simple rules :D
  3. Trailblazer7

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    Try this —> Get out of your house and keep walking until you forget that you have an urge
  4. TowardLight

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    Rationalise the urge, do not just try to forget or it will always hold its power. You need to rid yourself of the mindset of porn, so ask yourself: why am I thinking this? Do I need to do this? Will it be better if I don't act upon the urge? How will I feel if I do it? etc.

    They will get better I assure you. As someone with a vivid imagination, I used to have a whole narrative built around porn in my head to keep the attraction high, currently on day 38 and I can tell you with honesty I barely think about porn anymore. Maybe 1/2 times a day max.

    If you haven't heard of it, check out a book by a guy called Allen Carr 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking'. There's an edited version called 'The Easy Way to Stop Watching Porn' which has been abridged to be about porn addiction. Carr was a chainsmoker who quit over night and wrote about the process. He ran workshops for people who wanted to quit smoking with a 95% success rate. The book has helped me a lot and focusses on the 'brainwashing' of porn, which may help to explain why we feel urges. I'd highly recommend it.

    Otherwise, remember the reasons you want to quit and don't look back. Good luck and stay strong.

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