I can't take this any more!

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    I am a failure! I can't take the lead of my life. With all the potentials I have, I am a failure.

    I hate myself, I just want to get rid of this miserable life.

    No matter how long I hold, or how strong I become, this filthy habit makes its way to me in moments I wonder how did that happen!

    I just want to die, rather than living a miserable life I am not even controlling.

    If anyone has an advice on how to quit the habit of watching porn and masturbating, please shoot it here!
  2. The key is to find something wholesome and healthy to fill your downtime with. If you can't do that, you'll keep failing. The same is true for everyone here.
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  3. A person has an addition because of problems. It doesn't just come out of the blue.

    Then, the addiction makes existing problems worse, and adds new problems.

    The way out of this isn't just going clean; you have to address the problems that got you there in the first place!

    This is true whether your addiction is alcohol, gambling, heroin, video games…

    … or porn.

    If you haven't already read the documentation about how porn affects your brain, you might find it useful to start with the basics. This helps you to understand what's going on when you feel compelled to relapse, what makes the first 90 days are so hard, and why it will get easier after that.

    The next step is to address those problems that got you into addiction in the first place.


    Get therapy.

    No one does this alone, and a good therapist will help you. These forums obviously help with motivation, but they can't help you with therapy. Find a good therapist who works well for you.

    (There are different types of therapy, and they won't all work for you. If the first therapist you find doesn't quite do it for you, try a different type of therapy. You can also ask your GP for a recommendation.)

    Good luck!
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  4. and stop telling yourself you can't do this or that
    actually don't say anything at all, unless it's life affirming
    words can be powerful, they can be helpful or destructive, and one good practice to start with is don't use them if they don't help you or others
    (I should probably do this also)
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    Use the will , for the adictions this one is the key to get out.
  6. Unfortunately, we have seen again and again that willpower alone hardly ever works. Some research confirms this (e.g. research into smoking cessation). You need willpower, yes, absolutely, but you also need more than that.
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    There's more to life than nofap. Yep, you do something you don't want to be doing but so does everyone. Bad habits are universal. Maybe fixate a little less on this, and you will see that life gives you plenty of chances to not be miserable! You can still be picking up healthy habits while you have not-so-healthy ones. Exercise, read, create...PMO doesn't stop you from doing these, but these might just help you get a grip of PMO!
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